Happy Monday Dotties! We are almost 3/4 through July and the best news? August is the last month of winter and don’t we all hope it brings with it fresh new beginnings?

How are you coping? Are you seeing this as a challenge or is this defeating you? It’s hard to stay positive at times – so when you feel yourself sliding, do something that you love – even the simple things feel special at this time! Explore our Polka Dot Directory to choose vendors who will help you create your wedding day – even one that has been scaled down somewhat. We have Menswear,  we have Bridal Gown Services, we have Bridesmaids Gowns and Accessories – we even have Wedding Planners and Catering.

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Photo one, two & three by Mel Silva Photo three by photo four by Amy Skinner Photography via Old Meets New Sea Green & White Wedding Inspiration


In some ways creating cakes is like creating a painting with flavours and buttercream. Janelle at Cakes By Dark Cherry uses so many techniques to make your cake unique – textured icing, gold leaf edging, delicate fondant flowers and bees, fresh blooms and beautiful colours to fit in with your wedding day palette. There is a whimsical quality about her creations – look closely and you’ll see little ‘scenes’ with colours, embellishments and flowers, all giving your cake that gorgeous look while being delicious to eat. Pandan and coconut, or chocolate and raspberry anyone?

We asked Janelle of Cakes By Dark Cherry five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?
At the moment, for couples who are having to postpone their wedding dates, it is don’t get disheartened and try to look at it as gaining some extra time to plan even more beautiful details for your big day. True love can’t be cancelled!

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?
Figuring out tech and software, I can pretty much teach myself whatever I need to know. Computer software is pretty intuitive for me. Fairly boring for a creative, but it does come in very handy!

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?
I love arriving at the venue just before the reception is due to start and seeing how beautiful the room looks. Every couple’s vision is different and you can see their personalities stamped on the room. I find it endlessly fascinating. I love setting up their cake on the cake table and seeing it fit in with the rest of the room and decor and become one of the final pieces settling into place for their special day. I love having a chat with the other vendors who are working on their areas of the room and having a laugh with them. I just love everything about it!

What are you known for?
Being a little bit different and being willing to play and experiment.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
Oh, this is so hard. Either David Bowie’s Star Man (or Modern Love, so hard to choose!) because he was my first love when I was 13 years old. I saw a Bowie special very late one night on Rage and that was it, I was hooked. Or, Stereophonics’ Dakota as it reminds me of wonderful summers in London where the air was warm, the light was soft like an impressionist’s painting and there was a feeling of magic in the air, like anything could happen.


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