Afra & Emre

It is certainly a year of getting back to what matters, and that is exactly what today’s beloved couple, Afra & Emre chose when their big day was postponed due to COVID-19. The couple enlisting photographers Davish Photography to join them at Adelaide’s beautiful Mount Osmond for a romantic South Australian engagement session. That milky golden light and stunning view just the ticket for these two to share their story.

It turns out, Emre had stumbled upon Afra some time before these two officially met! Afra telling the story. “We met through mutual friends. Frankly enough, he had come across my profile a year before we met but never attempted to have a chat. At the time, I was in Adelaide and he was in Brisbane. When our friends introduced us, we decided to add each other on social media and had our very first face to face chat through Skype. The long-distance was hard and we would FaceTime as much as we possibly can to share our daily activities and had plenty of trips back and forth.”

“Our culture, religion and families are very important to us” explains the bride to be. “The engagement ceremony meant that we would have the blessings of our families and we decided to have it at a place that brought us all together; home.”

Afra and Emre chose their mountain top engagement session, to celebrate each other after COIVD 19 postponed their big day, explaining “Our wedding had been postponed due to the virus and we wanted our religious wedding ceremony shoot to be relaxing and natural. We both love sunsets and city views so we decided to have our shoot at Mt Osmond and it was magical.”

On what they love about one another, Afra shares “We both love that we can be completely open and honest with each other. We also have similar values and aspirations in life that keep us going together hand in hand.”