Ebony & Clay

The Vintage Issue is all about stepping back in time, and we couldn’t be anymore transported to an old-world than with Ebony & Clay’s retro-inspired engagement session captured by Dream Bella Photography.

An old vintage-inspired garage, retro-inspired clothing and even a stunning 1963 XL Falcon wagon all combining for a story that looks straight out of the fifties! This one is such a delight to share with you today.

These two met the old fashioned digital way- on Tinder! Ebony shares their story. “I came across Clay and was immediately caught by his smile! He had a LA Lakers jersey on and this gorgeous smile so I knew I needed to catch his attention somehow, I needed to meet him! We both swiped right haha and I started the conversation off with “I’ve never dated a Clayton before”… what was I thinking??! Well, apparently it really caught his attention. We met for coffee at Mooloolaba and ended up walking up and down the beach for 3 hours just learning about each other.”

Ricks Garage was really special to us because it encompassed both our love for ‘old school’ and it was the location that we became engaged” tells Ebony of the vintage-inspired garage location. “It is full of memories and love and allowed Clay to show off his 1963 XL Falcon wagon, which ended up being our wedding car.”

Turns out venue Ricks Garage was more than just a backdrop for these two, it was also the scene of where Clay popped the big question! Ebony revealing  “It was Clay’s birthday, we had been looking at rings and I had an inkling that he had purchased the ring I liked. I was clueless, I planned his birthday, retro-themed, we even asked everyone to dress up in their best rock n roll attire. Clay’s mum was Sandra D and my dad was John Lennon!

I had the whole night set up to celebrate him and when he was making his birthday speech at Rick’s Garage (the feature of some of our photoshoot) he said: “…but there is one present I haven’t gotten yet”. I still choke up when I remember those words, he made it so special calling me up in front of all our family and friends to ask me to marry him. I am so blessed.”

When asked what she loves about Clay, Ebony shares “There is so much! How can I answer this shortly! Most of all, I love Clay’s heart. Seriously, he puts his heart into everything and is so determined to do smash his goals.”

These two share plenty of laughter together, including one night that involved fire and a few sirens. “The night Clay asked me out we went camping at a small stopover and realised we had no gas for the camp stove to cook our dinner, so Clay lit a small fire. Not much longer after he had lit it, we heard sirens in the distance and I joked to Clay that they were coming for him! They actually were!

The elderly couple over from us had called the town’s fire brigade (we didn’t realise it was a total fire ban). Clay and I were so red-faced watching the entire town’s fire department hose down our tiny fire! We laugh about it all the time every time we hear sirens!”


” I love Ebony’s determination to strive for better,” tells Clay on what he loves about Ebony ” Ebony’s heart is my moon and her heart is so sweet, she will do everything and anything to make you smile and I love that about her. My love for her is constantly growing.”