Megan & Gideon

Remote beaches, overlooking oceans as far as the eyes can see, are somewhat magic when it comes to serving up a backdrop for love stories. Today? We’re off to Yeppoon, in North Queensland to share the romantic, the moody, the delightful engagement of Megan & Gideon.

If there ever was a photographer who nails the dark and moody, while also capturing the depths of emotion, the true feeling it’s Carissa of Elk & Fir, so we’re delighted she was the talent behind the camera today!

It seems, that like many love stories, these two were always meant to be in one another lives, Megan tells of how they met. “We knew of one another but never officially met each other until I came home for the weekend from University. Good old Facebook was how we first started talking. Gideon thinks that I messaged him first but it was definitely the other way around”. And the proposal? “We were in New York on New Year’s Eve, such a night to remember!”

“I love how she is such a loving, caring, strong woman” tells Gideon of his love for Megan. “I love that we share the same values. I love that she makes me feel confident, loved, safe and that she brings out the best in me.”

On their funny stories together? “We have our weird sense of humour that probably no one else would find funny. All of the stories we thought about sharing, we realised that people would think we are odd and so we just had a good laugh together thinking about our weird, favourite memories.”

On what she loves about Gideon, Megan tells “The first thing that I loved about Gideon, was that we could talk for hours on end, it was like we had known each other forever. He is a secret nerd, has so much compassion for others, would do anything for the ones he loves and he is my best friend.”