Do you know what we love most about The Vintage Issue? The different ways you can add a little vintage style to your wedding day. For Emma and Daniel’s bright & fun vintage wedding (captured today by Skipping Stone Photography) began with Emma’s vintage wedding gown. It was made by her grandmother for her mum’s wedding day and worn by her Auntie before Emma had it refashioned for her own day, A beautiful addition to the backyard ceremony, the retro diner reception and the endless colour and handmade details that wove themselves throughout the day. “We wanted our wedding to be relaxed, homestyle vintage” explains the bride.  Break out the iced vovos for this one!

Guests were welcomed to a ceremony at Emma’s parent’s backyard with handmade paper pin poms, ice tea, scotch finger biscuits and iced vovos.

On Daniel’s look, Emma shares “The groom chose to wear a simple outfit of a grey blazer, short sleeve linen white shirt, navy suspenders, navy trousers and brown leather shoes. His outfit was chosen to be comfortable and simple enough to be worn for years to come. The shoes were an older pair of Italian made shoes that were restored for the wedding.”

The bride walked down the aisle, followed by her parents to “Superglue” by Newcastle, NSW based artist Isaac Graham.

Emma and Daniel chose Michelle Bailey to officiate their ceremony, the bride noting “We wanted the ceremony to be short, sweet, and informal. We chose not to do readings but opted rather for the celebrant to say a few words about some of the adventures we had been on as a couple.”


Emma’s wedding dress? Handmade by the bride’s grandmother for her mother’s wedding! Emma shares “My dress was made by my grandmother and worn by my mother at her wedding in 1983. The dress was also worn by my auntie for her wedding in 1991. The dress was minimally updated to suit my tastes We added a silk waistband and removed the 80s style sleeves.”

Even the blooms were DIY says the bride. “The flowers were hand-selected by us from Sydney flower markets the day before the wedding. They were a variety of bright summer blooms including daisy’s and chrysanthemums.”

These two even found their photographer embraced the easy-going, relaxed style of the day. Emma explaining  “Nick was easy to work with and flexible from the get-go. Emma felt at ease from the moment she arrived at the ceremony as Nick took the opportunity to have a chat with her and her bridesmaid. During the ceremony, he quickly fell into the background and captured great moments whilst being unassuming and easy-going. We didn’t particularly want a big break between the ceremony and reception for photos, and Nick adapted to this request with ease and was still able to capture a variety of shots of us as a couple.”

Emma and Daniel chose the fun retro-inspired cafe of Daisy’s Milkbar for their reception. “Don’t stress the small stuff and focus on finding good vendors that suit your needs. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on bells and whistles to create a memorable day,” says Emma.

A charming doughnut wedding cake was just the fun touch this reception needed, and it had a very special topper, tells the bride. “On top of the lemon and poppy seed doughnut tower (in place of a wedding cake) we included a ceramic wedding ornament given to the groom by his late grandmother as a teenager.”

Congratulations to you both Emma and Daniel! What a fun day and story to share! Thank you both and thank you to Skipping Stone Photography for sharing this day with us!