5 Reasons Why Winter Wedding Videos Are Amazing

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We all know that the warmer months are more often associated with ‘wedding season’. However, winter weddings are more than well worth your consideration.

As a wedding videographer, I’ve filmed weddings all year round, and I’ve realised that the weddings in winter have been just as wonderful, if not better! I loved working on this beautiful wintery shoot! The key inspirations were, autumn/winter, country, rustic, old fashioned charm mixed with a few contemporary elements.

Here are just five of the many reasons why winter weddings are amazing:

1) Unique photo opportunities
The high contrast offers vibrant and striking imagery. For example, a red lip with fair winter skin, or deep scarlet roses against a frosty backdrop. Magic. The colours really pop in the cool winter light. There are so many unique images that can be created in winter which makes for gorgeous videos and photos.

2) The light is super flattering.

What us cinematographers call ‘flat light’ really is the best. The high contrast lighting on a bright summer day is the worst for portraits, creating harsh shadows on the face and highlighting every line and imperfection. Professional filmmakers and photographers have to wait for cloud cover or set up a screen to block the light.

In winter, this is rarely necessary, so you get more quality images in less time and everyone looks fantastic.

3) Availability
Summertime is such a busy time for everyone trying to balance jam-packed social schedules. Whereas in winter, your guests will relish the opportunity to get out and get dressed up!

Another big bonus is that in the quieter season, your preferred vendors and venues are much more likely to be available for bookings on your preferred date.

4) Cost effectiveness
As with the above, your venues and vendors aren’t as busy in the colder months therefore you can often take advantage of some sweet deals. Flexible options and reduced rates are often a big incentive to book your wedding in winter.

5) Luxe and romantic wintery textures and styling
Aside from great lighting, another thing that professional videographers and photographers LOVE is texture! The rich and sumptuous textures in clothing and furnishings during winter – think faux fur, sequins, velvet, wool, etc – are a stylists dream and look AMAZING in photos and video. Those rich greens, deep orange, gold and red tones are so decadent and dreamy, so make the most of it!

Ms Floral Says: Winter is such a magical time of year and I love how this shoot and your tips highlight how incredibly special weddings held in the colder months can be. Thanks Dreamtree Films!

About Dreamtree Films: They specialise in Wedding and Event Videography. We aim to showcase the beauty of every event and to find the unique stories of the people involved. Every couple is different and so is the style of their wedding day, so it’s our job to capture that. We create stunning images that will be treasured for many years.


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