Here are three tips on how to create classic and elegant vibes in your wedding stationery.

Tip 1: Avoid incorporating too many elements
This applies to colour, textures and imagery. The key to a serene and elegant effect is a less-is-more approach, which can be achieved through a pairing back of elements. By carefully selecting the combinations you use, you can create an overall effect that is elegant without being plain.

For example, use the letterpress texture to full effect with a blind (no ink) printed floral. This is the perfect way to add texture to your design without overpowering text and keeping the overall look of your stationery minimal.

Add white-on-white texture to your suite with a translucent paper, used as a wrap to keep all of your invitation items together.

Incorporate elegant patterns that can be echoed in other stationery. We use striped or patterned envelope liners to add design interest while keeping the design suite one colour.

Tip 2: Choose a neutral and add accents

Often black is the go-to colour for an elegant, classic ink shade that ties in with everything. It can be the perfect ‘safe’ choice if you are unsure about the colours that will be used throughout the rest of your styling. Used thoughtfully and minimally it can be a beautiful colour for an elegant and serene wedding vibe. Pair black with a bright white paper and small accents of green or blue for full effect.

I also recommend choosing a mid shade as the primary colour used throughout your suite. Mid greys leaning towards warm or cool can tone down your stationery design and evoke a serene effect. Mid colours are less sharp, easier on the eyes and instantly create a softer look.

Once you’ve selected a mid-grey, add accents to give your palette depth. You can, for example, incorporate lighter neutrals (nude, blush or pale greys) or touches of green.

Tip 3: Go for quality
Selecting quality materials is really the easiest way to elegance without effort. There is nothing more luxurious for wedding stationery than beautiful 100% cotton paper and envelopes. Letterpress printing adds texture to these materials in the most subtle way. With these elements in place, even the most minimal design styles will have an extra special feel when received by your guests. The texture of letterpress printing allows you to keep the design simple, while still feeling luxurious.

Ms Floral Says: Such stunning and timeless designs that would work well for so many styles of weddings, but particularly classic and city!

About Deciduous Press: We are a small print studio specialising in letterpress printing. We have been creating beautiful wedding stationery for couples around Australia for almost 10 years. Our aesthetic is elegant, classic and romantic – full of hand-drawn illustrations, refined typography and thoughtful details. We offer a collection of designs with a wide range of customisation and love exploring new combinations with clients.