Adding DIY signage to your wedding has never been easier with these spray painted sandwich boards! If the thought of writing your own signs brings you out in hives, or if you’re keen to nail a clean and sharp looking announcement, we’ve got you covered.

What You Will Need:

  • Wooden base – a wooden base will provide some warmth to a simple, white aesthetic. We’ve used sandwich boards from Ikea
  • Stickers of your choice – choose the font carefully, and buy loads!
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Matte spray paint
  • Ruler and drop sheet

Step 1. Use fine sandpaper to carefully smooth the surface of the board. It’s important the stickers, well, stick. Wipe the board with a damp cloth to remove any dust, and wait a few moments for the board to dry. Mark out where you want your letters and spacing to go.

Step 2. Stick the stickers on, and be sure they are firmly pressed at every edge. Take the board outside and, using a drop sheet and following the instructions on the can, spray the board using light strokes. Do several coats, and if a rogue fly lands on the board while drying, wait for it to dry before removing. Spray another coat of paint and it’s like he never existed!

Step 3. Wait until the paint is very dry before removing the stickers. You may need to use a pin to gently prise the stickers off, being gentle to leave a crisp line.

Using this method, you can make up signs for your gift table, dessert table and a myriad of other spaces! This simple and classic sign can be altered to suit your wedding style, adding a touch of DIY in a very chic fashion.

Ms Floral Says: Adoring the simplicity of this DIY project and I can definitely see these signs working in classic or city style weddings.

About Ms Honeycomb: My heart and home in Scotland and Australia, I am a florist, flower lover, writer, baker, stylist and sew-er of lovely things, with my darling toddler forever keeping me on my toes!