Fiona & Bill

Home is where the heart is, and for Fiona and Bill, there was no surprise more exciting, than to invite their favourite people to their housewarming party, only to drop their wedding vows on them! “I was excited as all (or most of the people) were that I wanted there, and it was going to be a surprise” laughs Fiona. “I wanted to see their reaction. My brother, sister in law both cried – everyone was laughing, clapping, cheering it was terrific”

And in the spirit of showing you weddings of every style, every kind, every level of formality, we could not be more thrilled for the joy, the family filled occasion that Fiona and Bill shared. The pair, who enlisted Jessica Josie to capture their dream day come to life. “We just wanted a party with lots of food, alcohol, music, friends and family” explains the bride.

Bill and Fiona actually came to meet while at work, Fiona fills us in. “Bill and I have worked together over seven years, but one day I was actually in Theatre working with him, the scrub nurse knew Bill and could sense a spark. Louise Anne organised a New Day lunch, and that was the start of the romance!”

And the proposal tale? “I won a night for 2 to the Crown Casino – over dinner at the french restaurant, that night Bill proposed. At first, I wasn’t sure it was a proposal, he was nervous, but we did celebrate!”

Fiona wore a floral patterned gown by Adam Heath, sharing ” I went to my favourite shop and got the very latest dress to come in – dark blue background with lots of colour on it, it fitted so well – slightly off the shoulder with a lovely neckline. Bill came with me which I loved.”

The bride walked down the aisle on the arms of her two children.

Fiona and Bill’s favourite moment of the day? “When our celebrant Ariel Bastian said she wasn’t the Interior Decorator but a Marriage Celebrant! The surprise on people’s faces – precious.”

Of their celebrant, Fiona notes “She is a character – funny, the ceremony was funny, brought in the medical side of our profession, she involved the family and friends. She was terrific – recommended.”

Family was a really important part of the day for Fiona and Bill, the couple even got ready with their children and grandchildren, Fiona sharing “It was such a blur – we had 8 people plus us in the house – getting ready – it was fun having our hair done with my daughter and granddaughters. They loved it! It was special to be loved and looked after by my children that day.” 

And in true tradition, Bill carried his new wife across the threshold once they were announced as married!

“Jess was great – didn’t intrude, was everywhere, taking photos” notes the bride. “I didn’t actually notice her doing her job, until after the ceremony when we had family photos down at the river, then a few by ourselves. I found Jess to be very friendly, professional and approachable.”

Fiona’s favourite part of wedding planning, “Choosing the flowers and cake, dress and shoes, meeting really nice women who were happy in their jobs, gave us a special day to remember and made me look lovely!!! Thank you.”

A big congratulations to you both Fiona and Bill! Thank you to you both and to Jessica Josie for sharing today’s celebration.