Photo by The Beautiful Collective via Sarah & Tim’s Ginninderry Homestead Vintage Garden Wedding

I am the most sentimental of souls, and for me, that sentimentality, that concept of honouring the things we love, is the easiest way to personalise your wedding. What matters to you? What do you make sure you include every time you celebrate? What is so very “yours”?

Your wedding day is full of opportunities – celebrate memories and moments that are just yours, that means something to you. Embracing this, adding these to your day? That’s what makes it truly personal.

So in honour on The Memories Issue, we’re celebrating the best ways to include sentimental memories in your wedding day.

We’ve got ideas to inspire you in every part of your day – from what to you wear, to what you eat to the songs that you dance to!

Wear them as sparkle

Wear the first pair of earrings your beloved gifted you. Your great grandmother’s brooch. Work with a jewellery designer to hand make your wedding rings together. Wear the first necklace he ever gave you. Don the earrings your sister wore on her wedding day. Wear the cufflinks your dad gifted you on your 21st birthday. Jewellery is one of those family heirlooms that is something so easy to incorporate on your wedding day.

Photo by Daniel Brannan via Jade & Dan’s Colourful Festival Wedding

Add them to your wedding attire

Wear your mum’s veil. Don the socks you wore on your first date, Add a piece of your mum’s wedding gown fabric to the lining of your dress. Wear your dad’s suit. Put your father’s handkerchief in your pocket.

Photo by Brendan Creaser Photography via Sophie & Hayden’s Colourful Country Wedding With A Touch Of Boho

Wrap them around your bouquet

Add a sentimental brooch to your bouquet. Pin a charm you have had passed down from generation to generation. Add a locket photo of a loved one. Keep something you treasure close by your side all day long.

Photo by Allume Weddings via Laura & Aaron’s Stunning European Inspired Winery Wedding

Include them in your music

Music is one of my favourite ways to include memories in your day. From the music that plays as you get ready, to the music that plays as you walk down the aisle. This is a really easy, but beautiful way to include sentimental moments and nods to memories throughout your day. Use the song that played as you met, for your walk down the aisle. Serenade your lover with an utterly romantic tune during the reception. Have a friend or your entertainment crew create a custom song for you to play as you walk back down the aisle as “just married”. Have your guests sing together with your favourite song. Use the song you dance to in the kitchen every night as the song for your first dance.  Play the song your dad sang to you as a child, as you dance with him.

Photo by Russell Stafford via Kayla & Josh’s Autumn Southern Highlands Wedding

Wed at them

That restaurant you had your first date? Why not celebrate your reception there? That park you had your first kiss? Perfect for your wedding vows – yes? What spaces, places and venue are special to you? Can you include them in your day? Even as a place where you have your photos taken?

Photo by Sophie Baker via Kirsty & Anthony’s Romantic Winter Wedding In The Country

Give an ode to them during your ceremony

Your favourite ever song, a special poem you wrote to each other. These are the things which make your ceremony oh so yours. Include them!  Have a friend read the lyrics to that song. Include your first love letter in your readings. Add all those little funny inside jokes to your vows. Have your grandmother read her wishes to you. Have your celebrant tell your favourite stories of each other.

Photo by Gold and Grit Photography via Phoebe & Ryan’s Rustic & Bright Country Festival Wedding

Dedicate decor to them.

A table at your reception topped with photos of your loved ones who have passed on, a bunch of rosemary on the chair where they may have sat to see you marry. Their favourite flower added to your bouquet. The books you read under the stars that night stacked atop the tables, a travel theme for your love of adventuring, your love of Lego nights in, demonstrated in Lego cake toppers. Add old photos of yourselves to the walls, bring in decor that you hang on your walls at home. Your reception, your ceremony, your wedding is so ready to reflect you, so immerse as much of yourself as you can in it.

Photo by Photogerson via Samantha & Josh’s Garden Wedding At Old Broadwater Farm

Use them in your floral arrangements

Were you surprised with a bunch of red roses on your first date? Does the sweet smell of jasmine remind you of your grandmother? Is your favourite flower dahlias? Flowers are so very special and a very easy way to add sentimental, personal touches to your wedding. Add a rose with the same name as your grandmother to your bouquet. Add that beautiful scent of rosemary, which no doubt you use every single Sunday roast to your boutonniere. Cascade blooms in your very favourite shade of yellow in a hanging floral installation.

Bouquet by The French Petal Photo by Cloud Catcher Studio via Conor & Tim’s Black Tie Jewel Toned Wedding

Add them to stationery

Add your very favourite romantic poem to your wedding stationery. Use that quote that means something so very special to you both on the cover of your wedding program. Welcome guests with your favourite motto on your website. Use a family monogram on everything from the invitation to the menu, to signage.

Stationery by Left & Willow Designs Photo by  We Are Origami Photography via Lush Jade Green + Poppy Red Wedding Inspiration

Add them to the wall!

That silly thing you say to each other whenever you leave the house? Whenever you kiss goodnight? Add it to the wall! In neon, as a banner, as a sign. We’ve talked about decor, but what about making it big? What about making it light up in neon? Or the first thing you see when you walk into the room?

Photo by We Are All Stardust via Monica & Ken’s Modern Perth Warehouse Wedding

Add them to your menu

Who says you have to serve chicken or fish? What about that amazing lasagna recipe your mum always spoils you with? What about serving that cocktail you always make for each other after a long week? Why not tacos since you know you go hunting for them every weekend? Why not the same wine you drank on the night of your engagement? What about a family-style luncheon in the spirit you always join your own family in eating (with plenty of roast potatoes!).

Photo by Sayher Heffernan via Julie & Peter’s Laidback Food Truck Festival Wedding

Dish up desserts

You can even customise dessert! Does great aunt Meredith always spoil you with her delicious oat cookies? Is a family meal never the same without mum’s pavlova? Is it never a birthday without your famous chocolate cake? Could each of your favourite aunties whip up a batch of their famous biscuits for guests to enjoy in a cookie buffet? Can you recreate your parent’s wedding cake?

Photo by Will & Co Photography via Lauren & Nick’s Modern South Australian Country Wedding