Katie & Kevin

It was a beautiful grey day down on the Mornington Peninsula when Katie & Kevin joined photographer Carry Your Heart Photography for a stunning engagement session, overlooking the bay.

With rolling green hills, and all the romantic beauty of those “just engaged” feels there really is so much to love in today’s photographs. The backdrop of Cairns Beach, Flinders making for utter magic.

These two first laid eye son one another while working at a fast-food chain, Katie fills us in. “We where both working at McDonalds (I was 17 he was 20) and I was Kevin’s manager. We had general conversations but we never thought too much of it – Kevin ended up transferring stores  we met again at a work party, one thing led to another and here we are over 9 years later!”

It was at a scene these two knew well, that Kevin popped the question, Katie remembering “We took our kids to Phillip Island on Easter Sunday 2019, Kevin surprised me by taking us back to where we had our first picnic – I had my back turned to him and when I turned back around he was down on one knee with both of our boys by his side,

I honestly don’t even remember him talking I just saw his mouth moving and the ring box so I started crying and over the top of me screaming with joy in my head I heard him say if I would like to join him and the boys and become a Minster, of course, I said YES!”

“I love Katie’s beautiful face,” notes Kevin. “The way she know’s how I’m feeling before I tell her and will try just about anything to cheer me up.”

“I love how selfless Kevin is” notes the bride to be. “He is always putting other’s needs before his own – he is such a kind and caring father to own two boys and he always knows how to make the best of a horrible situation.”

These two share many fun memories together, remembers Katie. “At my 18th birthday party, it was the first time Kevin was meeting most of my family so he had a few drinks to calm his nerves. While the party was within the last hour I was in the bathroom learning the consequences of having one too many and instead of comforting me, I found him dancing (highly inappropriate dancing mind you) with a bunch of middle-aged women that weren’t even a part of my party. I guess he didn’t want the party to end!”