Today we chat to the talented Lina Bteddini of Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling about how a global pandemic sparked an innovative idea and prompted her to create something absolutely beautiful! This idea was FOREVER BLOOMS – stunning faux flowers that can be enjoyed, well, forever. Lina runs us through the positives of dried and preserved wedding florals, what you can expect from them and why she thinks this trend will have staying power, long after COVID-19.

How did FOREVER BLOOMS come to be?
When the COVID-19 crisis began and we were forced into isolation, I felt numb at first. Then the hard reality, total shock and disbelief hit myself and the industry hard. That every wedding we had worked tirelessly for, dreaming up ideas and working with couples to bring to life visions of their day, would not be going ahead.  Everything was turned on its head – and it was a scary time.

My only relief from this helpless feeling is to create…

As I was too anxious to go to the markets at that time and hearing that quality and fresh flowers were scarce, I created something from what I had already in our studio – dried, preserved and some very beautiful faux flowers. After posting a few images online, I noticed how much people loved these arrangements. The gloominess of the outside situation, brightened by having something pretty in your home or office seemed to make such a difference. A beautiful mix of dried, preserved elements and faux flowers that would last the test of time. Something that could be treasured forever. This is where it started and within a week – with the help of a few amazing friends – FOREVER BLOOMS by Chanele Rose flowers was born. I can’t wait to continue using these arrangement when weddings are back!

Why should people consider using preserved and dried florals?
Not only are they extremely long lasting, they are also such an amazing variety and great quality that now exist when they were previously not an option. They are also a great alternative for those who suffer from flower allergies!

But there are the pitfalls. Preserved blooms may flake off over time and they do not like direct sunlight. They also can easily get crushed and crumble if not looked after.  To get the most of them, it’s important to heed the care care instructions we include with our orders.

Do you think the trend of preserved and dried and faux florals will still be popular after COVID-19?
Don’t get me wrong though, nothing can possibly take away the love and joy of receiving beautiful fresh flowers. And I would love to support our Aussie fresh flower farms just as much as the next florist, however I am certain this trend will stick around. It is the way of the sustainable future and the popularity of this movement is only growing. People love to have them their homes and to send as gifts that will last well after fresh flowers fade away.

Image: Symbolique Photography

People still want something that beautiful piece of floral for their homes and office to complement their space that they don’t have to pay to replace weekly. And this presents an opportunity to hire beautiful arrangements for weddings rather than purchase single use flowers.

Image: Rachael K Photography

What are your favourite flowers and other items to use?
I don’t have one favourite as this changes daily depending on how I’m feeling. However, I do love to use beautiful shades of hydrangeas and cascading amaranths and magnolias and peonies, dahlias and gorgeous reflexed roses! I also love to include dried elements, such as agapanthus, ferns, wheat, cotton, palms, luring, misty, baby breath, billy buttons, ruscus, berries and feathers.

What can and can’t you expect from dried or preserved arrangements?
I think that imagination is key when it comes to forever blooms – we can pretty much recreate any feel or vibe you are after. It will never be the same as having fresh florals of course but I’m sure It would fool the best of us as the quality is pretty extraordinary!

Image: Symbolique Photography / Balloons: Balloons by Agustina / Crockery: Take Me Hire

What is your signature look?
Our designs are very modern and sculptural with lots of texture and intricate little features. I love to use a monochromatic palette as I find it’s a lot easier on the eye. Our signature look would have to be the marshmallow sorbet, which is how this all started when creating our look for our ISO Easter at home.

About Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling: Chanele Rose Flowers & Styling is a boutique luxe, professional floral stylist and special events florist based in Sydney. The Chanele Rose style is decadent and refined crossed with carefree garden whimsical,  inspired by the natural elements found in Mother Nature. Also wildly inspired by beautiful textures, fabrics, travel destinations, theatre and fine arts.