With networks and relationships as inclusive and diverse as they are these days, the old-school notion of “boys on one side, girls on the other” is not only outdated, it’s likely quite problematic when it comes to choosing bridal parties. So today on Polka Dot Groom, we are featuring four very different weddings with one very special thing in common. A Best Woman. And boy does she look great. So, when the best person in your life is a wonder woman, what makes more sense than having her stand by your side on your big day?

1. Rachel & Simon’s Elegant Perth Restaurant Wedding

Image by Stefanie Muller Photography

2. Adrian & Govind’s Colourful Mixed Culture Wedding 

Images by Alan Moyle

3. Genevieve & Ollie’s Boho Garden Party Wedding 

Image by Rosie Hastie

4. Daisy & Chad’s Playful & Patterned North Carolina Wedding 

Images by Lindsay Fort Photography