I’m going to address the elephant in the room. Yes, Australia and indeed the whole world are facing an unprecedented and unnerving situation. And yep, travel is off the table right now. But love is not cancelled my friends. Weddings and honeymoons will be back. So like never before have we needed to band together, to dream and to plan for a brighter day.

This April on Polka Dot Bride we are celebrating the jewel in the crown of the Australian laid-back lifestyle that we will never again take for granted. So, yep it’s the Byron Bay Issue on Polka Dot Bride.

Byron Bay is not just a place. It’s a mood. Heck, it’s a muse! This beloved, eco-conscious, stylish and creative town is an inspiration for all things weddings. We are going to look at Byron-esque boho bridal, laidback styling, explore its stunning beaches, iconic sights and best-kept secrets and hear from local vendors who need our support more than ever. And we can’t wait to show off Byron at its best with a plethora of cruisy, cool and beachy real weddings to inspire you.

So let’s let our imaginations run wild with a virtual trip to Byron Bay this April. Follow along here.

Namaste dotties and take care of yourselves.

x Ms Tweed