When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, 2019 was all about staying fresh and transitioning summer pastels and vibrant patterns into the cooler season. However, 2020 showcases a more traditional variety of winter eveningwear. We can expect to see a lot of rustic colours from mustards to oranges, along with deep reds and stunning sapphires. This season, bridesmaids are swaying away from the puffy styled skirts and embellished lace tops and are opting for a simple sheath style gown made from a gorgeous plain fabric. We’ve gathered our top autumn/winter bridesmaid dress trends to inspire you.

Jenny Yoo Spring 2020 Bridesmaids Collection

As the season gets cooler, it’s important to consider which fabric will be most suitable to combat the weather. Dresses can still be a beautiful option, especially with the perfect fabric. A pure silk velvet can make a stunning dress for so many reasons and we are very excited that this classic Winter trend is here to stay for yet another year. The velvet texture not only adds a unique element to a simple, plain styled dress but the subtle thickness also adds extra warmth for the wearer. Velvets tend to only come in the deeper and darker colour palette so for the bride wanting a rich jewel tone theme, you’re in luck. When selecting a velvet dress, it’s important to use minimal accessories and avoid sparkly and shimmery accents as this can often clash. A velvet gown doesn’t need to be a complex style as the fabric is a statement within itself.

Designer: Revelry

Quite often bridesmaid gowns tend to feature a simple sweet-heart neckline with an elegantly gathered chiffon skirt; and whilst this makes for a divine option, we can expect to see something different and unique this season. The V-neckline is a universal favourite and we definitely can understand why. The simple plunge cut is extremely flattering for a variety of body shapes and sizes; particularly suitable for women with a larger bust. Along with a simple draped skirt silhouette and v-neckline, we can expect to see a stunning shade of blue hit the market. This season we are ditching the dark French navy blue for a slightly brighter sapphire shade. The sapphire colour adds a touch of vibrancy which is a nice compliment for the gloomier weather. Most shades of blue tend to suit a variety of skin tones, whether you opt for a sapphire or stick to your classic navy.

Image by Florent Vidal Photography via Freya & Bryte’s Africa Inspired Wedding By The Bay

Finding the perfect dress to suit your whole bridal tribe can be a difficult challenge, especially if they’re all different heights. To create the illusion of an elongated look, consider opting for a mid-length styled gown. When the dress showcases part of the leg it can immediately make the wearer look taller and slimmer. If your bridal party varies in sizes then consider changing the neckline and bodice style slightly to suit the wearer. To keep a consistent and cohesive look, ensure that the skirts are very similar, if not the same. If all the skirts are consistent then you can have fun mix and matching different necklines. As the winter months tend to be quite chilly, it may be a good idea to consider a high-low style cut. This allows you to still achieve that elongated look, but with extra coverage as the back of the skirt drapes to the floor. When custom-making a high-low skirt it’s important to ensure the front of the skirt sits in proportion with the wearer’s height. A good length is usually around the knee or slightly below the knee area.

Image by In The Wilds Of Someplace via Zach & Julian’s Relaxed Margaret River Wedding

Even after two years, this simple look is still just as popular in the bridal world. The halter-neck style however, is not only for brides and everyday-wear, but it is extremely beautiful for formal occasion-wear too. The high neck look is extremely flattering as it shows off the décolletage and shoulders. Along with this, it allows your bride tribe to flaunt their backs with a beautiful open look. When opting for a simple sheath style gown, an open back can be a perfect statement feature to jazz up the design. To add a more romantic and formal look, consider using an invisible tulle to create an illusion neckline. As the weather is cooler, it may be best to use a solid material or a lace with more coverage to achieve this.

Designer: Revelry

Every year the winter season tends to attract the same beautiful colours from rustic reds, muted oranges to rich and bold jewel tone shades. However, this season mustard has made its way into the market and we cannot get enough of it. The mustard shade is a dull/dark yellow colour which is stunning for a rustic themed wedding. The colour itself is a perfect way to add a bit of vibrancy to your bridal party without it being too bold and summery. The mustard shade looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones from a beautiful dark complexion to someone who is very fair. The colour itself is a statement and doesn’t require any heavy beading or lace embellishments. A great way to jazz up a mustard coloured dress it through a simple flattering draped design or by utilising a gorgeous textured fabric such as a jacquard, brocade or velvet.

Jenny Yoo Spring 2020 Bridesmaids Collection

For all those glamorous brides out there planning an extravagant wedding, we have the perfect bridesmaid dresses for you. Sparkly sequin fabric is very much on trend this autumn/winter and we’re really excited to see a more formal, black-tie style gown dominate the market. Sequin dresses are a fantastic way to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your bridal party without it detracting from the brides wedding gown. It’s important that when hunting for bridesmaid dresses, that you ensure it complements the bride and won’t be too detailed or embellished. Avoid full lace dresses and heavy beaded looks. When opting for a sequin gown, consider a simple, plain styled dress such as a subtle fit and flare or sheath silhouette. The sequin fabric is a statement in itself and is better shown off in a simple, elegant style. To customise this look to something more unique, consider a subtle pattern. When opting for a pattern it is best to use limited colours to avoid it from looking too busy and over the top. A pattern can be a great way to make the dress tie in well with your bridal theme.

Image by Loco Photography
Michelle & James’ Modern & Glamorous City Wedding

As the chilly weather kicks in, we usually can expect to see a lot of dark colours like port wine and deep reds hit the market. This season it’s all about keeping those traditional winter colours but modernising them by opting for a slightly brighter variation. We can expect to see a livelier array of colours and this stunning glitter red is just one of them. Red tends to suit almost everyone from light skin to a darker complexion. And the colour itself can achieve a very luxurious and regal look. For brides planning a formal wedding, consider using a red sequin material to achieve a glamorous look. If you still want a formal look without the sparkle then opt for a beautiful silk satin. The satin is a plain fabric that has a beautiful sheen and shine to it. It can be used on its own without all the glitz and glam and still look extremely formal. For brides who love the red look but want to achieve a more casual or semi-formal appearance then consider using a matte silk satin or even a gorgeous textured crepe fabric.

Image by Perspectives Photography
via Emma & Daniel’s Simple & Rustic Lake Tinaroo Wedding In Far North Queensland

Silk is often a very lightweight, breathable fabric that compliments the warmer weather beautifully. However, this Fall/Winter showcases a stunning array of coloured silk satin dresses from simple slip-styles to formal fit and flares. What many people don’t realise is that silk can come in many thicknesses. To add a little extra warmth and coverage we would recommend the Silk Satin Back Crepe. This material has that beautiful, luxurious shine without the delicate and flimsy element. When opting for a silk satin, it’s important to remember that it may not suit all body types. Whilst we absolutely love the shiny sateen finish, it can often highlight unwanted areas if not used correctly. In this case, the matte crepe could be a perfect compromise to have a stunning silk that’ll suit all body types.

Image by Jackson Grant via Jenna & Riley’s Romantic & Modern Country Wedding

Ms Floral Says: So many gorgeous colours and materials to choose from. Thank you for sharing these autumn/winter trends with us today!

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