Kavisha & Hamish

Elopements need to be more of a thing. The focus on just you, on just your story, and nothing else? We’re always going to be big fans of that, especially when other plans just don ‘t work out. For Kavisha and Hamish, their initial plan for a big Indian wedding, with guests flying in from around the world soon became something way too much. Kavisha soon decided, something needed to change, and fast. Our bride explains “I think there’s a lot of pressure from friends, family and societal expectations to have a big fairy-tale wedding with all the bells and whistles. It’s okay to have that if that’s what you want. It’s also okay to say no and do something small and intimate instead. The initial stages of organizing our big fat Indian wedding caused me so much anxiety because there were so many decisions (countries, locations, guest numbers, style/theme and costs) all while I was dealing with a busy work schedule and buying our first home. In the end, the moment I decided to elope, I felt so much happier, as did Hamish. It was the right decision for us and I am still so happy with the way it turned out.”

With the pair enlisting Everly Studios to join them on their wedding day, they took in New York City’s best sights – from the New York skyline, the Brooklyn Bridge and of course, iconic Central Park.

“I decided a long time ago that I wanted a Berta gown for the big day. I chose a Berta gown from the new Privee collection which I ordered through the lovely team at The Wedding Club in London. It wasn’t my first choice of dress but amazingly tried it on and the colours just worked! I wasn’t planning to wear a veil, however, my mum attended one of my final dress fittings and decided I needed a veil. I wore a pair of metallic Jimmy Choo’s for my wedding which included a blue engraved plate on the sole with our wedding date. My jewellery (necklace and earrings) were a quick purchase the day before from Swarovski and lastly, my engagement ring and our wedding bands are from the amazing team at Eric Ross Jewellers in Hatton Garden, London. I love make-up so decided to do my hair and make-up. The red lip was to give a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral palette.”

The couple met before their ceremony for a first look, a relaxed moment, that was made all the more special by the photographs captured of it. Kavisha sharing of the couple’s chosen photographer “It was so lovely getting to know her and made the day a lot more relaxed and memorable, especially because Hamish is not one to pose and take photos for more than a minute. She was perfect and her photos are magic!”

The couple chose the beautiful Central Park for their wedding, noting “We wanted to be outdoors in the sun and greenery and it was simply a culmination of the things we liked.”

Although the pair originally planned to elope alone, a last-minute trip by two very good friends, meant they had some unexpected guests. Kavisha explaining  “Originally our elopement was just us because again, we didn’t want or expect people to travel, however fortuitously, some of our best friends were in New York at the time, so a couple of days before the big day, our wedding went from zero guests to three.”

Although this elopement was utterly romantic, Kavisha remarks that the proposal? Not so much! “The proposal could have been the least romantic proposal on the planet! We were in Paris to see a childhood friend of my dance at Le Moulin Rouge. We had lunch at Le Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower and after a few too many wines, I must have hinted that it would have been a perfect proposal venue after which he flung the pouch containing an engagement ring across the table to me, before quickly snatching it back. I clearly ruined any plans he had of proposing! Oops! When we went back to the hotel room, I kept on asking to see the ring, to which he said: “go find it”. It was on the bedside table (worst hiding spot). I put it on myself and he didn’t ask if I wanted to marry him, it was just assumed. At least it was in Paris!”

The groom dressed in a cream blazer and black pants from Politix. “Hamish and I originally bonded over The Simpsons, so Hamish surprised me with wearing the same cufflinks Homer Simpson wears in the episode titled ‘Lisa’s Wedding’ which Hamish received from his best friend. For the non-fans, the cufflinks are in the shape of large pigs wearing bridal outfits. Hamish was so excited about wearing them for days, and on the wedding day, I totally blanked. He was a tad disappointed I didn’t recognise them immediately but I suppose I was focused on other things that day!”

Although Kavisha and Hamish opted out of a reception, they did make time to celebrate their marriage with cocktails at the ever so stunning bar, The Campbell, the bride explaining “We also love cocktails, especially Old Fashioneds which was one of the reasons for stopping by at The Campbell. One of the best Old Fashioneds we had in New York was the one Hamish ordered that day. Hamish also loves his food trucks, so after our wedding portraits he had a hot dog from the Nathan’s food truck outside the Plaza Hotel in his wedding suit.”

“We first met only a few weeks after I moved to London from Sydney” remembers the bride. “I was catching up with a Sydney friend who had moved to London a few years prior. She said I needed to get out and date so scrolled through her Facebook friendship list for potential dates. One of those potential dates was Hamish. They met on Tinder when she first moved over to London a couple of years prior and went on a couple of dates, but decided to part ways. They remained Facebook friends, so she messaged him to see if he was interested, which he was, only after requesting photos and confirming there was “nothing wrong” with me. I reluctantly agreed and we exchanged numbers. After texting for a few weeks we finally met up for a drink at Mint Gun Club in London and hit it off instantly. I left the date several hours later thinking I had met the man I wanted to marry. This was a shock because neither a relationship nor marriage was on my radar at the time, as the reason for moving to London was to progress my career and travel.”


A big congratulations to you both Kavisha and Hamish! May you have the most wonderful of lives together! Thank you to Everly Studios for sharing today’s celebration with us!