Jade & Simon’s Stunning Blue Mountains Engagement Session

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Jade & Simon

We all need a little extra loving these days, a little extra hope. More stories that remind us of what is important in amongst the news headlines and hullabaloo. And the story of Jade and Simon is just the best panacea. Don’t believe me? Listen to Simon “I love that I still get excited to see her walk through the front door after a day at work.” Oh yeah, it’s just what we need this Saturday. Scroll on to enjoy their story and all the beautiful images by Joel of Ava Me Photography.

Let’s hand it over to Jade, who tells us how these two came to be. “Simon and I met the most romantic way possible, through tinder . We met back in 2016. And from that moment, life became so much sweeter.”

Two years after they met, Simon popped the question. Jade reminiscing “Simon wanted to be traditional – he visited my parents late 2018 to ask them for permission. Mum knew exactly what was happening and started already crying before he could even get the words out.

He proposed a few weeks later at my favourite lookout – in my favourite little town (it was all very special to me).”

Simon’s words on what he loves about Jade? Just the chicken soup for the soul we all need right now, This groom to be sharing “I love that Jade makes me so happy. I love that I still get excited to see her walk through the front door after a day at work. I love being able to talk to her about anything, and that she always encourages me and brightens my day. I love how we can have so much fun doing the smallest things together, like walking the dogs or helping her in the kitchen (even if it is just chopping up the veggies). Jade has the cutest smile ever. I love that she is so passionate and stands up for what’s right, so know she will be the most amazing mother ever. I love how much she cares about other people and how they are feeling. I also love her for giving me the best day of my life, when she agreed to marry me. I love my life with Jade.”

“It was the first time Simon and I had ever done a photo shoot together and we had no idea what to do! ” remembers Jade. “Joel encouraged us to relax and be ourselves. He wanted us to just chat casually together, but at that moment it was hard to think of things to say, so Joel suggested the KFC menu, which Simon LOVED as it all came too easy for him. It was a good laugh!

We honestly had the best day! Joel captured how happy we are and the love we have for each other so perfectly through his beautiful photos.”

On her love for Simon, Jade shares “I love so many things about Simon! When I first met him, I was so amazed at how genuinely kind and sweet he was (and still is). He’s the partner I’d always hoped for – and the first line of my wedding vows describes it pretty accurately, he’s “a million dreams and a million prayers of a little girl come true”.

The bride to be continued “Simon makes me so ridiculously happy. I especially love that we can spend hours talking about anything and everything, that we can still goof around and he can make me laugh until I cry – life is just so wonderful with Simon. I love how much he loves me (and that he’s proud to show it!). I love that he is extremely loyal and committed, and I know that he will always put our little family first. I love how safe I feel with Simon and I know that we will be able to face anything together. Simon is a super easy-going and loveable guy. I love that he is going to be the most amazing role model for our children.”

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  • Louise Brouwer says:
    March 28, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Such a beautiful couple! You are both truely inspirational 🥰



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