You’ve finally found the person you want to share the couch with for the rest of your life and you’re ready to make things official. So the only logical thing to do is get down on one knee and propose the big ‘M’: marriage.

Only, you’re not quite sure how to go about finding an engagement ring and making the proposal happen. And there can be a lot of pressure to get this right. You want the proposal to go exactly as you’ve planned and for them to love the ring you’ve picked out.

First, we’re going to assume that you’ve broadly talked about getting married and you’re both on board. But you want to keep the actual proposal and ring a surprise.

So, there are two parts to a surprise proposal: the ring and the proposal itself. We’ve broken these down to help you get planning and avoid any engagement disasters.

The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is arguably the most important part of the proposal. After all, they’re going to have it for the rest of their life as a constant reminder of your love. So no pressure or anything.

Step 1: Gather intel

It’s time to channel your inner martini-swilling international man or woman of mystery and use your best spy tactics to gather information on what kind of ring they want.

Let’s assume you haven’t been paying attention every time they showed you a picture of a ring they liked, so you’re starting from scratch.

Begin taking a mental note when they show you pictures of rings on Instagram or from magazines. If they’re not the type to scroll, you could always feign a sudden interest in celebrity weddings and somehow turn the discussion to engagement rings.

Another option is to walk with them past a jewellery store and – instead of staring at the fancy watches, as usual – focus on what ​they’re​ drawn to. Do they seem to like yellow gold, white gold or platinum jewellery? Are they loving on simple solitaires or something more ornate?

If you still have absolutely no clue, ask one of their close friends (the one who can keep a secret). Or one of your friends (or friend’s partners – especially if they’re known to have good taste).

The point is, you can’t go into this blind. You’ve got to have some direction so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Step 2: Get sneaky

The next step is to figure out their ring size. And for this, it’s time to employ those ninja skills.

See if you can steal one of their rings to measure with a proper gauge. Ideally, one they wear on the ring finger. If they realise it’s missing, blame the cat (Don’t have a cat? Get one first). Then ‘find’ the ring a few days later under the couch while you’re vacuuming.

If you can’t get away with borrowing one of their rings, trace the inside with a pen and paper and bring that with you to the jeweller. This isn’t nearly as accurate but it’s a good guide.

If they don’t wear rings regularly, then come to your appointment with a picture of their hands, ideally holding something as a comparison. We’ll generally err on the side of caution and size up to avoid any awkward moments when you can’t slip the ring on their finger. The ring can then be ​resized after your engagement​.

Step 3: Stash your cash

If you’re sharing finances or otherwise pretty up in each other’s business, financially, then you’ll have to figure out how to pay for the ring without them knowing. Whether that means squirrelling away extra cash each week in a secret account, or keeping your big tax return or bonus a secret, you need to ensure they don’t notice and start asking questions.

Step 4: Talk to an expert

Once you’ve gathered your intel, take that dossier of information to a professional engagement ring consultant like Diamondport. They will help you figure how you’re going to propose and give you tips to make it as memorable as possible. Book a quick chat ​with Diamondport and our team will answer any questions you may have.

The Proposal

The actual proposal can be overlooked in the excitement of choosing the engagement ring. But it’s important you put some thought into how you’re going to pop the question. You’ll both be retelling the story of how you proposed to everyone you know, so make sure it’s a good one.

Decide first whether you’ll propose in private, or in front of friends and family. We suggest you steer clear of really public proposals unless you know they’re the extroverted type. Remember, this moment is about the two of you and it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be meaningful.

Think about a location that’s special to both of you. It could be the location of your first date, your favourite hangout spot, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go together.

Write down a few words you’d like to include and practise saying them before the day so it feels natural. Then all that’s left is to pop the ring somewhere safe and wait for the perfect moment.
You don’t have to go it alone when planning the perfect proposal. Book an appointment with Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists​ and we’ll guide you through the engagement ring process.

About Diamondport: Diamondport Engagement Ring Specialists are here to work with you to make sure your proposal is something neither of you will forget. As well as helping you design the perfect engagement ring, we can also help you figure how you’re going to propose and give you tips to make it as memorable as possible. All of our rings are made on-site in our Brisbane studio and we pride ourselves on the 5-star service we provide (we have 420+ 5-Star Google Review to prove it!).