How To Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dress Styles – An Expert Guide

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Millie & Julliet gowns by Talia Sarah available at Bridesmaids Only 

We have noticed that bridal parties are increasingly opting to mix and match their bridesmaids dresses because it is simply the best way to complement every bridesmaid’s shape and size. However, it can easily start to feel overwhelming when you are not sure how to actually go about this. We have some quick and stress free tips to help you on your mix and match journey.

Mix and Match 101
The simplest plan of attack is to choose one designer and one fabric. For example, at Bridesmaids Only you could select dresses by Talia Sarah in Luxe Chiffon or Talia Sarah in Crepe.

Choose A Theme
When mixing and matching bridesmaids dresses in one colour, it’s always a good idea to keep to a common theme, whether it be the same bodice with different skirts, the same skirt with different bodices or somewhere in between. Take note that your bridesmaids dresses have the same hem length, similar design features such as frill or draping or different fabrics (if you are confident) in one colour. Your bridesmaids should look cohesive and like they all belong to the same tribe.

Idea #1 – “Juliette”, “Laura” and “Millie” gowns by Talia Sarah. Each dress has a gathered bodice but with a slightly different design. Even though they are not the same, the gathering is consistent among all three designs tying them together.

Skye gown by Talia Sarah available at Bridesmaids Only 

Idea #2 – “Tessa” and “Chloe” by Talia Sarah. Both styles have the same silhouette; fitted bodice with a cocktail overlay skirt but one with a V-shaped neckline and one with a high neck.

Stay to One Palette/Same Dress Different Colour
The easiest way to mix and match your bridal party is to choose the same style dress but in different tones. We recommend choosing like colours when mix and matching your bridesmaids palette. For example, Navy and Dusty Blue or Peony, Ballerina and Mahogany.

Tessa gown in Navy & Dusty Blue and Zara gown in Berry

Don’t be afraid to choose different colours if you want a pastel party or brightly coloured bridesmaids, but choose colours variations that work together.

Work With Your Maids
Apart from loving their dresses, it’s important your bridesmaids feel comfortable in what they are wearing. Choose colours that will flatter their complexion and shapes that compliment their body types. For example, lighter colours on darker skin and darker colours on lighter skin.

Choose styles to fit their shapes. The whole Talia Sarah range is designed to suit all women of all shapes and sizes, in particular “Zara” which is a flattering style on bigger busted girls. Also, “Juliette” which looks great on long legs, and “Chloe” which suits a small frame.

The Skye gown by Talia Sarah in Navy

Maid of Honour Bonus Tip
Let her stand out by dressing your bridesmaids in one style or colour and your maid of honour in another.

The Millie Gown in Green

Ms Floral Says: Mix and matching bridesmaid dresses is the best. It makes sure everyone is happy and comfortable with their look while staying true to individual styles. These tips are fantastic for brides and bride tribes on the hunt for the perfect attire. Thank you, Tess!

About Tess of Bridesmaids Only: Tess is the new owner of Bridesmaids Only. After spending 12 years mainly focused on the mens side, she was super excited to take on the bridesmaids and is determined to bring a more relaxed, fresh and fun vibe to the industry. Creating new designs with her amazing team that make everybody feel confident and comfortable no matter their shape or size.

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