I love nothing more than looking down a long table at a celebration and seeing it topped with treats, beautiful blooms, fun decor and plenty of beautifully folded napkins just waiting for their guests to dine. The Colour Issue is all about easy ways to add a little colour to your wedding day, and for today’s tutorial, I think I have found one of the quickest ways to add a pop of brightness to your wedding table. And it all revolves around the humble pipe cleaner! There are just four steps in making these napkin rings and there’s no crafting knowledge required. Oh, and they go perfectly with our hand printed napkins.

What You’ll Need

  • Assorted coloured pipe cleaners (try Spotlight or craft stores for these)
  • Coloured wooden beads or plain foam shapes (also available at craft stores or Spotlight)
  • Coloured paint
  • Wooden skewer

Step One: Gather your shapes and paint them in your favourite colours! Spray paint is easiest for these guys, or hand paint them adds that “artsy” charm. Allow to dry.

We used foam shapes found at Spotlight for this one, but you can also use beads, just make sure your beads have a large enough opening to slip onto your pipe cleaner!

Step Two: Once dry, using a wooden skewer and plenty of care, poke a wooden skewer through the middle of the shape.

Step Three: Poke your pipe cleaner through the hole and thread the shape onto the middle. Repeat again with another one or two shapes.

Step Four: Take your napkin and wrap the pipe cleaner around the centre. For a fun and whimsical look, you can cross your pipe cleaner over at the front, and curl the ends around your finger for a spiral effect.

For something a little more serious, wrap the pipe cleaner around your napkin, and tie on one side,

Could this tutorial be any easier?

Ms Floral Says: Ms Polka, is there anything you can’t do? These make such an impact, especially coupled with the napkins!