Krystal and John married in a romantic ceremony in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest, including a groomsmen crew consisting of John’s five best mates! With Krystal set on a stunning Mariana Hardwick dress, it was up to John to pick the perfect complementary outfit for their lush garden wedding. Krystal details John’s process of getting his dream suit below.

John’s only criteria for his suit was that he did not want to wear black!

After thinking about wearing a blue or grey shade John decided he wanted to wear an ivory jacket with black slacks. Unfortunately when the decision was made, it did not leave much time to get this made and many places said they would not have time to make this.

John went to Prinzi Collections and they delivered the goods. They matched his suit jacket perfectly to my dress colour and got it all finalised two days before the wedding.