Ash & Nath

We’ve got country blood in us around these parts, so we’ll always adore getting back to nature on weekends and quite frankly adore a beautiful country engagement session. Today we’re off to the rural NSW town of Dubbo, with the story of Ash & Nathan, captured beautifully by Amy Louise Photography & Design.

It was definitely attraction at first sight for these two, who were introduced by Ash’s brother, and Ash tells the story of how their meeting unfolded. “Nathan and I met at Burrendong Dam near Wellington in NSW. My brother brought Nath down to our cabin where we met, and when he left my Mum said: “I wouldn’t mind if you brought a boy like that home Ash!” I agreed and said he was pretty alright! And sure enough, he was back and we spent a lot of time together skiing, playing cards and getting to know each other. The rest is history!”

It was on a trip to not so country, but so tropical Cairns that Nathan decided to ask Ash to marry him “Nath and I got engaged in Cairns, it was quite a funny story! He hid the engagement ring in his backpack and I had no idea what he was up to. Every time we went out, he wouldn’t take off the bag or let it out of his sight! I kept saying to him take it off in the restaurant and I kept picking on him about it being a typical tourist. But soon after I figured out why he didn’t want to take it off haha.”

On the future husband, Ash loves “that Nathan is so thoughtful & kind, he has a heart of gold.”

“I love that Ash always looks after me!” remarks Nathan on his future wife. “I just love her, we are a pretty happy and easy-going couple. We love to have fun and make the most out of life’s simple pleasures.”