5 Tips For Being The Best Bridesmaid or Brides-Man

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Robyn Pattison CMC
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As an über experienced celebrant and a delightful human being, Robyn Pattison knows a thing or two about weddings, love and the best bridesmaid practice and protocol. Let’s just say, she could write the book.

Here are Robyn’s top tips to be being a wonderful bridesmaid or brides-man.

Tip 1: Put your head up and smile as you come down the aisle. We all want to see your faces. And so does the photographer! Don’t rush down the aisle. And you don’t need to do the old “right together, left together,” either. Just walk naturally, relaxed and happy.

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Tip 2: OK, the bride (or groom) have arrived. Don’t stretch the train out to the side. Then you will have to stand too far away and someone will step on it – guaranteed. Move it around the side and towards the front.And take the boss’ flowers before they say their vows, pass a tissue if they are a little teary, and shoo that fly away from their face if you can.

Images: Tealily Photography

Tip 3: The ceremony is over, and the newlyweds are walking down the aisle. Let them get almost to the end of the aisle, before you start to walk down it. And smile!

Tip 4: You can have fun now, but don’t forget your jobs aren’t quite over until the day is done. These include:
– Helping organise the group for photos.
– Keeping an eye on the bride or groom’s makeup – and hang onto the lipstick
– Stashing a tissue or two for emergencies
– Being helpful if guests ask for assistance

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Tip 5: And finally, try not to have too much to drink – it’s not a good look. And there are cameras everywhere.

For the full run down on nailing your honourable role, check out Robyn’s videos below.

Videos: Le Motion Video

Ms Floral Says: Bridesmaids and brides-men, take note! I think everyone in the brides crew should be shown this post before the big day. Thank you Robyn for your wisdom, so expertly gathered from the beautiful weddings you’ve been a part of in the past decade.

About Robyn Pattison: I absolutely love a wedding, I love to celebrate and nothing makes me happier than a happy couple! My ceremonies are moments of light and happiness – and quite often, laughter. They are absolutely unique to each couple. Personal, intimate, fresh and engaging, your ceremony will be all about you.

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