Ohhh, can’t you just smell the gorgeous florals in today’s Expert Interview? It’s always a pleasure to chat to and see the incredible work of creative and talented vendors, such as Adrienne Burford-Orr of Gertrude Jekyll Flower Studio. This flower studio prides themselves on providing bridal couples with unique wedding florals. They bring passion and a wealth of knowledge to each of their projects, big or small, so you’re definitely in safe hands no matter the size or scale of your wedding! We chat to Adrienne about how her style has evolved during her time as a florist, what her favourite flowers are to work with, where she gets her inspiration and her top picks for summer and winter bouquets.

How long have you been a florist?
Eight years.

When did you start your own business?
I started my own business in 2015, I opened a small florist in Footscray – Botanicals on Barkly. I closed the doors in 2018 and began working under Gertrude Jekyll from a private studio.

Where are you based?
In Melbourne’s western suburbs, but I service the whole of Melbourne.

Images: Giulia Morlando

Can you tell us about all the services you offer?
I offer wedding floral styling. I love to sit down with a couple and design every element of their wedding flowers together.

How has your style evolved since the early days?
I definitely take more risks with colour and texture now than in the early days. I feel like there is more confidence in my work.

What do you love most about creating wedding florals?
Hands down the best thing is seeing a couples reaction to the flowers that you have created for them on their wedding day. I love being able to create something so special for them.

Image: ATEIA Photography

What are you favourite flowers to work with?
My favourite flower changes weekly some times daily! Every flower has its place!

Tell us about some of the best bouquets you’ve put together in the past year…
I loved creating the bouquets for Amy and Steve [below]. I liked playing with the textured and tones Amy had selected for her bouquet.

Another fave was the hanging instillation that I created for Kerry and Michael at Terrindah Estate last summer. I have a tropical wedding coming up in the next couple of weeks which I am excited to work on as it is a medium that I don’t often get to work with.

Images: Tess Follett

Is making buttonholes really tricky? They look simple but I’m sure there is a lot of work involved that people aren’t aware of!
Oh my yes! The wiring and ribboning that goes into the unassuming buttonhole can be quite time consuming, they are deceptive little guys.

What are your bridal clients like? Do they bring ideas to you or do they allow you free reign?
No two brides are the same. Some will come to me wanting guidance and we can design the colour palette and styling from scratch. Others will come to me styling boards and designs already prepared.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from work created by the many talented florists (there are MANY!) who’s work I admire from Instagram, but I also draw inspiration from nature, seasons, fashion and art.

Image: Abigail Varney

Where do you source your flowers?
From the Melbourne Flower Market as well as a number of wonderful wholesalers across Melbourne.

What trends are you noticing in wedding florals right now?
The ultra lux flexed rose is definitely having a moment.  I love that it turns the humble rose into this over the top burst of luscious colour. I am also loving that bridal bouquets have taken on a more natural shape.

What are your top flower picks for summer bouquets?
Roses. Although they’re a bit old-school, they’re a staple and will always be one of my faves. Phalaenopsis Orchids are also amazing for a summer bouquet as they will stand up to the heat. Dried and bleached foliage adds amazing texture to arrangements and won’t wilt.

Images: Ryan Wheatley Photography

How about winter?
Nothing beats a moody deep plum hellebore in the depths of winter. Daphne is another winter fave, the fragrance is absolutely intoxicating and a couple of florets added to a bouquet will add an amazing scent.

What would you say is your signature?
I would say that my signature is the natural flow that my bouquets have. I try to work with and enhance the beauty that already exists within the blooms to create my designs.

Images: Immerse Photography

Thank you Adrienne for allowing us to stop and smell the roses with you today! Your arrangements are breathtaking and it’s clear that you’re extremely passionate about what you do and in helping brides and grooms achieve their perfect wedding florals. Find out more about Gertrude Jekyll Flower Studio on their website, on check them out on the Polka Dot Directory.

Headshot courtesy of Gertrude Jekyll Flower Studio