Vanessa & Lynn

We tell a lot of engagement and wedding stories here at Polka Dot Bride, but today, we’re back where it all begins – with love. Vanessa and Lynn choosing a day by the beautiful Nareeben Lake with photographer Yvonne Law Photography to celebrate nothing else, but each other.

“We were surrounded by natural elements that we love, the lake, an abundance of trees, filled with natural light” tells Vanessa. “We spent our afternoon by the lake, strolling. It was very tranquil and beautiful.” Add a beautiful bouquet by Idyll Studio Co tied with dreamy  ​Feathers & Stone ribbon and well, it’s a day by the water that is filled with utter beauty. Sign us up for weekends like these with moments captured like this!

“We met through a social media platform and we instantly clicked! ” tells Vanessa of how these two came to be. “After chatting behind the screen for three weeks, we decided to meet up for dinner. After the meetup, we realised that we share a lot of similarities in our interests and personalities. We both love nature and doing outdoor activities and watching suspense movies. Shortly after, we decided to be together officially.”