Weddings which embrace a rainbow of colour are pretty special and we wanted to honour all the fun, with a cake topper that embraced the bright and beautiful in celebration of The Colour Issue.

Pom poms are full of fun and whimsy and today’s cake topper is easy (it has just four steps!) to create yourself. Make just one initial, two for each of you or an entire word. The possibilities? Endless!

Special shout out to Miss Ladybird Cakes for our cake in these images,

(You might recognise it from our birthday)!

What You Will Need:

  • Assorted coloured pom poms in various sizes
  • Short wooden sticks – Try Spotlight’s childrens’ craft section
  • Spray paint in your desired base colour
  • Hot glue
  • Wooden letter in your choice – Check out Spotlight or Bunnings

Step One: Spray paint your wooden letter in your favourite colour. Remember to do this outside, wearing gloves (and a mask if you’re particularly safety conscious). Let dry and turn over the letter to spray the other side.

Step Two: Once dry, hot glue your wooden stick in the centre of the back of your letter. Don’t worry if this doesn’t look so pretty, we’re going to cover it with pom-poms later!

Step Three: Start placing your pom-poms onto your letter. It’s easiest to place a few big ones randomly and fit your little guys in between, randomising colours as you go. You can manipulate the size of the pom-poms to fit by squeezing them in. It’s a great idea to do a test run first and check that you like your layout and colour combination.

Step Four: Start gluing! When you’ve completed one side, make sure the glue is set, turn over and repeat on the other side.

Step Five: You’re all set! To make your cake topper look even more pro, get rid of all those hot glue strings (unavoidable!) by blasting a hairdryer for a few seconds onto your cake topper.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to eat cake!