If there is anything that solves the Monday blues, it’s dreaming over incredible wedding gowns and for this sunny Monday, I’m thinking Naama & Anat is just what we need to start the week.

Founded by mother and daughter over ten years ago, Israeli designers Naama & Anat have a particular focus on beautiful quality gowns with stunning fabrics and modern silhouettes. Their brand new collection “Infinity” honours something beyond the fabric beyond the design of a gown, something a little more personal. “Infinity” is all about a bride to be connecting with her inner being, ” tel the designers of their inspiration “it’s about showing off her true self with all the confidence and beauty within her.”

The collection, with 33 beautifully considered gowns take names like “Hayworth” in honour of old Hollywood movie star Rita Hayworth, a fitted off the shoulder gown with beautiful beading. “Harmony” speaking of the relationship between design and art with semi-illusion straps wit tiny beaded lace flowers adorning a gown made of glittering lace. “Tulip” in honour of the gown’s floral applique and layered design with a corset glitter top and fitted skirt. The gowns all inspired by the innermost musings of their wearers, by thoughts and dreams of what is yet to come.

Made to measure, each gown is handcrafted with construction techniques that do not only honour that commitment to quality but also create gowns that are comfortable for their wearer. There are beautifully structured silhouettes- mermaid, ballgown, a line all combined with bodices of glittering, beaded or lace detail.

Naama & Anat ship their gowns to Australia (they’ll even send progress photos and show you your gown over video!). Check out their website for more info.