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There’s just something about the light in Europe. Sunset turns everything pink when you’re on a vaporetto, cruising down the Grand Canal of Venice. The midday sun in Mykonos bounces off the whitewashed walls of cafes and bars. Early morning rays light up the rainbow of tulips outside Amsterdam. From sunrise to sunset, Europe is awash with all the colours of the rainbow. You can’t help but be loved up with roses in your cheeks when you’re lapping up all that sunshine and all that colour. Here’s our pick of honeymoon hotspots that really brighten things up:

Burano, Italy

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You haven’t been to Venice if you haven’t made time to cruise over to Burano. The small island is just a 40 minute vaporetto ride from Italy’s city of love, but it will steal your heart. Pink, yellow, red, blue, purple, green – its quaint canal front homes are an absolute riot of colour that somehow works. Spend an afternoon strolling the streets and admiring Burano’s other famous asset – beautiful handmade lace. Honeymoons are the perfect time to pick up something lacy!

Mykonos, Greece

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Okay so it’s not exactly a riot of colour, but the whitewashed walls and bright blue doors of Mykonos deserve to be on this list. Not only do they literally wash the small island town in bright white light when the sun is out, but throw in the bright azure of the Aegean sea and you’re in heaven. Whether you want to eat fresh seafood as the sun sets, party under the stars or hideaway in a boutique hotel, Mykonos has you covered.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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The painted houses of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn district are a great place to kick off your sightseeing of this diverse European city – in the 1800s Hans Christian Andersen called the pretty canal front home – so what better spot to celebrate your own fairytale?! Beloved by sailors back in the day, you’re likely to find tourists from every corner of the world strolling along the canal dawn until dusk. At Christmas, the fairy lights add an extra special glow to the bright red, yellow and blue facades.

Cinque Terre, Italy

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This UNESCO World Heritage Listed coastline between Genoa and Livorno on Italy’s east is famous for almost too many things – rugged cliff sides, calm swimming bays, dramatic cliff bars, award winning cuisine. Nothing is as recognisable as the brightly coloured houses that seem to teeter on the edge of the cliffs before sprawling down to the waterfront of the five precious towns. It’s hard to pick one town to base yourself, but the bright red, cheery yellows and vivid greens of Vernazza’s old town are a real charmer. Spend your mornings ordering espresso, your days hiking the famous coastline and your evenings drinking spritz.

Keukenhof Gardens, Holland

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The self proclaimed most beautiful spring garden in the world, Keukenhof is home to almost seven million flower bulbs, and when they’re in bloom, you can just imagine what a sight it is to behold. Located an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, the sprawling park is only open for 51 days of the year –between March and May – so time your visit for a riot of petals in all colours of the rainbow.

Whether you want to stroll through your own fairytale or curl up in a colourful cottage for the night, Europe shines bright.

Ms Zebra Says: There is no shortage of colour and pizazz in Europe. These are all fabulous destinations that celebrate all the colours Europe has to offer. Thanks Lisa!

About Lisa Perkovic: Lisa has spent the past decade travelling the world writing for Australia’s leading newspapers, magazines and blogs about all things travel. Her own honeymoon was her pièce de résistance – an epic journey to the Maldives and South Africa. Now she loves nothing more than sharing destinations and tips to help other newlyweds work out how to have the honeymoon of their dreams.