Kaleidoscopic Morocco – A Place of Unimaginable Colour

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Image by Julia Richter

When you hear the phrase ‘colourful travel destinations’, I am sure many places come to mind. Perhaps you think of the contrasting white and royal blue of the houses in Santorini, or the impossibly fluoro green of the Northern lights in Iceland.

Maybe you think of the classic cars in rainbow hues cruising the streets of Old Havana, Cuba, or Vinicunca, the rainbow mountain in Peru that looks more like a soap from Lush than something you can climb. But does Morocco come to mind? For those who have never been, I can understand if it doesn’t. Morocco, a vibrant little country on the north-west coast of Africa, isn’t very high on the ‘list’ for many travellers. But for those couples looking to spend their honeymoon surrounded by colour, here’s why it should be.

Chefchaouen – Blue

Image by Julia Richter

When talking about colour in Morocco, there is simply no other place to start than Chefchaouen. Located in the northwest of the country, this city is truly unlike anywhere else in the world – it is completely blue.

The streets are filled with houses, shops, historical buildings and even stairs, all painted in their own distinct tone. As soon as you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve been plucked out of the real world and dropped into a Wes Anderson movie.

Image by Julia Richter

You and your lover will be completely enchanted as you explore hand in hand through the endless streets, each one a slightly different shade than the one prior. And though the city is popular with tourists, the cool shades of blue have the inexplicable power of making the city tranquil – and as well those roaming through it.

There are many theories as to why this city is blue, all of which the locals are happy to share with those inquisitive enough to ask. For me, an explanation isn’t necessary, the magic of Chefchaouen lies completely in its surrealism.

Image by Julia Richter

Marrakech – Green

Marrakech is basically an oasis located in the middle of Morocco. Not only is it one of the largest cities in Morocco, it is also one of the greenest. Marrakech has some of the most beautiful gardens in the whole country, and a day strolling through these gardens is guaranteed to be romantic.

From heavenly palms to sculpted hedges and thriving orange trees, the gardens almost seem too beautiful to be real.

A luxurious mirage within the desert. The most lush sites in the city can be found in the Menara Gardens, the Majorelle Garden and Elkoutoubia gardens surrounding the Koutoubia Mosque. And if you’re looking for even more romance, take a horse and carriage ride through the city.

Many of the streets are lined with trees just as beautiful as those in the gardens – making a ride at dusk nothing short of breathtaking.

The other reason Marrakech represents the colour green is Jemaa El-Fnaa, the largest medina within the city. This medina holds countless juice vendors, souks of jewellery and leather goods, and snake charmers, henna artists and dancers – all protected by iconic green umbrellas and tarps found daily in the square.

Watching the square from above, while having a tajine in a rooftop bar, the green tarps look like clouds floating above a sea of people. And for those couples that love ice cream, Jemaa El-Fnaa has the best mint ice cream in the world. Soft and creamy with flakes of real mint leaves. When your friends and family back home see your photos from this dazzling city, they’ll definitely be green with envy.

Fes – Orange, Yellow & Rainbow

When you first arrive in Fes, you’d be forgiven for thinking the city was simply a serene palate of yellow, orange and tan. Overlooking the city from the one of the many viewpoints, the Marinid Tombs or Mount Zalagh, the city is just that, a sublime array of sand coloured structures. However in reality, Fez may just be the most colourful place in the country. You just have to know where to look.

To find this multitude of colour, you and your new husband or wife need only explore Fez Medina. This enormous market is a combination of both ‘Old Fez’ and ‘New Fez’ and is the perfect place to get lost for a day.

The medina is the most extraordinary attack on the senses – the harmonious sounds of the locals and vendors in the marketplace and the call to prayer. The intense mixture of smells of spices and vegetables, the meat hanging in shopfronts and the tanneries scattered throughout the medina. The contrasting feeling of the cobbled streets beneath your feet and the silky fabrics of traditional Moroccan kaftans.

Finally the colours of the Medina, which are sprinkled through the marketplace, making it one giant kaleidoscope. From the warm earth tones of the spices, to the greens and blues ornately adorning ceramic plates and tajines, and the vivid rainbow textiles found in every dress and carpet shop. The collection of goods within this medina displays a colour scheme both bold and mesmerising. But, when I say ‘get lost’, I don’t mean literally. Due to its incredible size, if you get lost you may never find your way out. But if you do, don’t forget to swing by the Royal Palace of Fes for some of the most intricate green and gold Arabic decoration in all of Morocco.

Ms Zebra Says: Morocco is such an interesting and special place – filled with colour! Thanks Hannah for sharing these wonderful tips to find the best of what Morocco has to offer. 

About Hannah Burden: Hannah is a writer and traveller based in New South Wales. She began as a poetry and prose writer, and has since expanded into travel writing to combine both passions. In her spare time, you’ll find her hiking and soaking up the sun in the south coast, or binging the latest award worthy television and film.


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