Daisy & Chad

Meet the gorgeous and colourful couple of Daisy and Chad! They were the perfect fit for our Colour Issue as their North Carolina wedding showcased not only their love for each other, but of all things colour as well! The pair carefully curated the day with a modest budget and pulled off an affair to remember by all friends and family! Their creative minds meant that instead of expensive add ons, they chose crafty DIY options – and made wonderful memories all the while. The Bride, Daisy shares the details of this wonderful day!

We actually met on Facebook. Chad and I were both on Tinder at the time (this was about 6 years ago) and living in Los Angeles. I had tried dating apps before and met a guy who lived in Santa Monica and because LA is so big and traffic is a nightmare that was about an hour drive! I wasn’t about to do that again, so I set my Tinder radius to a very small area around my neighbourhood.

One day, I got a message on Facebook from a guy named Chad saying he kept seeing me on Tinder but every time he swiped right and hoped I would also swipe right as well nothing ever happened – so since Tinder is connected to your FB profile, he decided to message me on there.

I probably wouldn’t have responded but we had 55 friends in common! Long story short, we had a lot of mutual friends and a love of improv and performing and the rest is history! Since then, we’ve moved back to North Carolina where I grew up and got married.

I wanted something different for my dress. I wasn’t looking for gingham specifically, but when I saw this dress on the BHLDN website it was love at first sight. I never went to a wedding dress shop and tried anything on. I just ordered that dress and that was it! I did get the dress tailored a bit and had little cups put in the bra area which made it look like a custom gown.

Chad also bought his suit online and had it tailored. He picked a floral shirt and tie to tie in with the boho vibe.

Our wedding was rustic barn wedding meets boho charm. As a couple, we love rustic wood and simplicity but I’m also am a painter and lover of vibrant colour, patterns and flowers (I actually specialize in painting flowers) so I wanted to incorporate lots of colourful flowers, flower crowns, patterns like dots and stripes. The atmosphere was laid back and fun!

The wedding was on October 13th, 2019 at Long Creek Farms in Rocky Point, North Carolina.

Our bridal party was made up of Chad’s sister, who was his ” best woman”, Kylie. My best friend, Micah, was my “man of honour”!

We wrote our own vows for the ceremony and used the tenants of improv (our mutual love) to express or vows. Instead of saying “I do” we said “Yes And” which is an improv thing and most of the guests are familiar with improv and have seen us perform over the years. The ceremony was my favourite part and hilarious. Fun fact: Chad actually proposed on stage during an improv show in LA.

For the flowers, I had my heart set on peonies but didn’t realise when picking an October wedding date that peonies aren’t in season at that time so we did silk flowers. I wanted bright bold pinks, mixed with hints of yellow and whites for a happy boho look. Silk ended up working nicely as we could prepare everything in advance.

The whole wedding was DIY other than the food really. We had a tight $5,000 budget. My mom and I made all the flower arrangements, flower crowns, boutonnières. The food was a nacho bar that a local food truck set up for us. The bar was all Costco margaritas, wine and beer.

We had a giant life-size card board cut out that guests could take pictures with since a photo booth wasn’t in the budget.

The cakes were so special! I love the look of semi naked cakes with cascading flowers but also Iiked the idea of cupcakes because we could pick multiple flavours. Baker made custom mini-cakes since cupcakes would have been too small to make semi-naked. So we had a tower of mini cakes with flowers.

As I said, I’m a painter and I actually paint other people’s wedding live! Of course I couldn’t paint my own wedding and participate so I painted it after the fact.

Ms Zebra Says: Congratulations to this colourful couple! What a fabulous day and we couldn’t be happier for you two.