We flew out for our honeymoon at the end of July. Our first stop was Singapore to visit friends of ours.

After four days, we flew to London and once again got to visit amazing friends. We stayed in London for a week before flying to the Netherlands. We explored Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht for a week and then travelled to Copenhagen for four days.

After Copenhagen, we flew to Oslo Norway and hired a van to travel from the south to north, finishing in Tromsø inside the arctic circle. After two weeks in Norway we flew out of Tromsø Norway to Berlin Germany. We were in Berlin for four days before flying to Manchester UK to visit Kierans Aunty and Uncle in Southport. It was a massive trip travelling for six weeks in total. We arrived home mid September.

Why did you choose your honeymoon destination?
This trip was planned before our wedding. We wanted to take the opportunity to visit friends and explore Norway so it worked perfectly.

Why did these locations appeal to you? (what kind of honeymoon were you after?

We were really keen to discover Copenhagen and Norway. Norway was just spectacular with the hiking, people and history. We didn’t have a honeymoon style in mind, we just love to travel.

Tell us about where you stayed?
We were lucky to stay with friends and family at a few locations (super romantic honeymoon style). Otherwise we booked air BnB’s central to town. In Norway, we had a Van from Touring Cars which had everything we needed for two weeks.

What did you love about your accommodation? What special features did it have that you adored?

Van life all the way!!!

Did you do any fun activities or take any adventures?

Hiking in Norway was magic. Some of the most magnificent views, which we will never forget. Some frightening too! We hiked Kjerag Bolton in the pouring freezing rain. It is such a steep hike and you need to use a chain to pull your way up. We have never been more scared of slipping to our death!!!

We also did a speed boat Sea Eagle tour in Norway which was pretty fab. We went to a fun piano bar in London too called Piano Workz and had loads of cocktails with our best mates which was great.

What about tours? Any that you loved?

We did a really fun tour in Amsterdam with Those Damn Boat Guys which was hilarious, relaxed and we learnt loads.

Did you have any stand out meals? Amazing experiences with food that you must recommend?
Kieran loved herring in the Netherlands. We both ate our body weight of Currywurst in Berlin. Yum!!! We had beautiful Italian in Berlin too with amazing wine.

Do you have any top tips to share for those planning their honeymoons?

Do what you love!

Where did you stay? Tell us about it?
Highlights? Low Lights? Any regrets? Norway was the biggest highlight. Copenhagen was a close second. Waiting for our EasyJet flight out of Stanstead Airport was the worst, wishing we caught the train to Amsterdam instead.

Any recommendations specific to locations?

In the Netherlands – go to Utrecht!! It’s like Amsterdam but with no tourists. We loved it there. Meat Liquor in London is a must for crazy burgers and shakes. And Piano Works Bar in London for a fun night. Norway hiking Kjerag Bolton, Trolltunga, Reinebringen and Kvalvika Beach – stunning!!!
Favourite moment of your honeymoon?

Spending time together in a van, travelling and exploring.

Ms Zebra Says: What an amazing itinerary for 6 weeks! Congratulations to you both – and thank you for sharing your epic adventures with us!

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