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Hi I’m Niall, the leading educator and manager of Woodenstone Barbers in the heart of Swan Street, Richmond VIC. With 8 years experience within the hair industry, my ethos for male grooming is to “always be learning” – and that applies to both the client and barber alike.

I started my hairdressing career in Ireland back in 2012 and gained vast knowledge of not only how hair works but also, how important it is to communicate with your stylist or barber to get the best results.

Most men either have, have had or are considering growing beards these days. We barbers get asked the same questions over and over – so here is the official word on beard-scaping and care.

Image via Jessica & Aden’s Rustic Winery Wedding at Immerse Yarra Valley by Glass Slipper Photography

How do I get the best for my beard?

With facial hair now no longer considered taboo in the workplace (HALLELUJAH!!) we find more and more men are becoming accustomed to giving it a go and as they do, they become curious as to which way they can keep it well maintained through trimming, styling and products.

A key thing to keep in mind when growing facial hair, be it a moustache, goatee or straight up full face blanket, is knowing what shapes and lengths will best compliment your face.

Just because density is not a friend of yours doesn’t mean you must completely rule out having any facial hair at all, because let’s face it, we all love to skip out on shaving every occasionally.

Speak to your barber if this is something you are considering and they’ll be best placed to guide you in the right direction for some helpful tips and tricks to keeping your facial hair groomed.

How often should I get my beard trimmed?

This will vary from individual to individual but in most cases a 2-3 week visit at most is the time frame I recommend between visits. I usually suggest the former for shorter hair lengths and the latter for longer more complex lengths and shapes, with some home DIY in-between to keep those lines crisp and flyaways at bay.


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What products should I use and why?

This is predominantly what comes down to getting the best out of your beard and facial hair. Below I will list some great products on the market now to suit all different types of facial hair and these can be found in most contemporary barber shops and in store at Woodenstone Barbers.

Short one length beards/facial hair:

  • American Crew 2 in 1 moisturiser and beard conditioner

This is the ultimate product to accompany most men in the bathroom pantry and a favourite of mine since its release late last year. Easy to apply with skin and beard moisturising properties, lightweight and easily transportable, it’s an essential for every day grooming. RRP $22.95 per100ml.

Image courtesy of American Crew

Medium to long length beards:

  • Proraso Beard Balm

A cultured favourite for most, Proraso is a leading figure in beard care and you don’t have to look too far to understand why. Founded in 1908, it still to this day is very much the go to when it comes to shaving and beard care. With a variety of scents, this beard balm will bring that freshness, smoothness and softness to that unruly beard that you’re finding so difficult to keep tame. RRP $27.99 per 100ml.

Image courtesy of Proraso Australia

  • Proraso Beard Oil

Beard oil is great for any dryness and flakiness of the skin that usually occurs due to a daily moisturiser not being able to penetrate below the surface of the beard. Paired up with a beard balm, this combo will keep your beard looking fierce and fresh from day to day. RRP $24.95 per 30ml.

I recommend using these products daily as part of your skin care regime.

Image courtesy of Proraso Australia

If you would like to see more of what we are about visit Woodenstone’s website.