When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the biggest stress points is “how am I going to afford this?” In Australia, the most recent stats suggest the average wedding is now sitting at the $55,000 mark. That’s a huge sum. And something my partner and I just didn’t feel comfortable spending. We were aiming for the $30k mark. So how did we do it?

Well, it turns out there’s one very simple trick, that not many couples know about, that will save you thousands of dollars. And no it doesn’t involve cutting out all your second cousins that your Mum insists on inviting.

Any ideas what it could be…? Winter! That’s right, by simply moving your wedding date a few months away from summer, you can literally save thousands of dollars on your big day! Many vendors actually advertise discounts of between 5-20% of their regular costs for any weddings held in June, July or August. And most who don’t are happy to offer winter discounts if you ask.

Think of it like travelling. If you go to a destination in the low-season, not only are hotel prices much cheaper, availability is high, streets and restaurants are not crowded, hotels will often throw in free upgrades, plus you’ll get a better service overall as you’re not competing with hundreds of other guests.

Plus, in winter you get that beautiful soft light during your portrait session. You can wear luxurious an elegant faux-fur coats if it gets chilly, or carry gorgeous clear umbrellas which make for amazing photos under the rain and the stars. When it comes to theming, you can never go wrong with a cosy fireplace, candles, marshmallows, mulled wine and warm hearty meals.

So here’s how we saved $7,422 at our wedding simply by having it in winter!

Venue: 50% discount on hire fee: $3000

Drink package upgrade: $1690

Band 5% winter discount: $332

Celebrant winter discount: $200

Photographer winter discount: $600

Dress winter sale: $1300

Complementary veil: $300

Total Wedding Cost: $7422

That’s over $7000 straight back into our pocket without doing anything. And best of all, by having a winter wedding, your wedding will be memorable for guests as it will be unique and it’s not crammed into the busy summer wedding season.

So before you lock in that last remaining date in summer at your favourite venue, consider the benefits of a winter wedding and go find that faux-fur cape of your dreams!

Kat Barber is an Australian freelance writer, currently living in Germany. When I’m not writing, you can find me drinking strong black coffee, reading, exploring Europe with my dog and my husband and learning to snowboard. Want to see her beautiful big day? Click here!