How To Make Wedding Petal Confetti Cones – DIY Tutorial

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The confetti or petal toss is a truly iconic moment of any wedding. Using just a couple of simple materials and a little practice, making these sweet little cones at home is a fun and simple DIY activity to undertake with your family or bridesmaids. And it will help save a few costs too!

Here is Vanessa from The Wedding & Event Creators with a step by step DIY video tutorial and instructions below.

You Will Need: 

  • Doilies (30cm diameter)
  • A roll of brown paper
  • Double sided tape (pre-cut squares work best)

Brown Paper Cone

  1. Using a thick brown paper, roll out your brown paper and cut into square shapes in your desired size. If you are using the doily, there is no cutting required!
  2. Roll the paper or doily on an angle, keeping a nice sharp tip at the bottom.
  3. When you are approaching the end of your material, pop in a piece of tape on the underside of the paper so that it is hidden. The cone should now be closed off at the bottom so no petals can fall out and open at the top for maximum petal stuffing!
  4. Finish the base off with a little extra hidden tape if you want a very tidy, finished look.
  5. Stuff with rose petals and toss lovingly at the newlyweds!

Tip: A $40 bag of pre prepared petals purchased from a florist is usually a sufficient amount of petals.

Ms Zebra Says: It’s always such a great moment when the newly wedded couple enjoy a shower of love! Thanks Vanessa for this great tutorial to create these at home. 

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