Choosing the best bridal makeup artist can be hard work for any bride. For many of you, it will be the first time booking a makeup artist. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process let us tell you it’s normal. Here are some key tips to help you choose the best bridal makeup artist.

Dig deeper than glamorous Instagram pics

After beginning the research to find the best makeup artist and hairstylist can be tricky. We all tend to go to the same obvious place: Instagram! Yet, don’t be fooled by edited photos. If you’re going to compare and book makeup artists, you have to go beyond appearances. There is a lot to dig into in the portfolio of the best bridal makeup artist if you want flawless results.

Look for real life examples

Heavily edited pictures on models won’t allow you to really understand the quality of a makeup artist’s work. In a makeup artist’s portfolio, you need to find photos without “alien like smoothing”. Of course, professional advertising material requires a little trickery here and there for sure, but if you can ́t find a single picture in which you can see makeup on a real life customer without much editing, it’s probably because their results are not so good.

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Angeline Baritan Sydney Makeup Artist 

How To Judge A Makeup Artist’s Pictures

Observe the angle of the eyeliner. Are there any gaps between the lash line and the eyeliner? Is the bride’s lipstick bleeding down towards her chin? Do the false eyelashes stay in place? Look for the after-party pictures. That’s the right way to measure the quality of the work of a makeup artist.

Has The Makeup Artist Worked With Someone With Your Features Before?

For example, has your makeup artist done makeup on people with your bone structure, skin tone, and eye shape? Great results come from practicing. As there are hair stylists specialised in ethnic hair, there are makeup artists specialised in certain skin types and features.

View What Products Artists Use

Varied products in a makeup artists kit is a good sign of experience. There are artists who work exclusively with a specific cosmetic brand which is not really recommended. Other artists work with several brands which is a sign of experience! Who knows, they may love the same products as you too! BONUS!

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Find Legitimate Customer Reviews

Try to find genuine reviews. You can do this by looking at google reviews (but be careful as some of these reviews could be the makeup artists friends).You can also use booking platforms like Find Book Beauty to check reviews, where only customers who paid for a makeup service can rate their makeup artists.

Honest, heart-felt reviews (the ones that you find on Facebook bridal groups and forums) are what matter. The comments of real brides give you access to all the latest gossip, information, recommendations and details you need. That information is enough to get an idea of the actual reputation of a wedding planner, a venue, and the best bridal makeup artist.


Speaking of which, wedding budgets can easily get out of control. Remember, you are looking for quality, but also affordability. There are many affordable makeup artists that are beyond talented. If a makeup artist is a little bit over your budget, don’t worry.You can accommodate a few budget changes if you are extremely satisfied with the makeup artist you have chosen because your priority is to look your best for your wedding. Spoil yourself girl! It will be worth it.

Will The Makeup Artist Travel To Your Location?

On your wedding day, you are going to be so busy. That is why you should opt for a makeup artist who is mobile, meaning they can travel to your get ready location. Now that is convenient! However, be mindful that some makeup artists will have maximum kilometres they are willing to travel.

Does The Hair & Makeup Artist Have Any Public Holiday Surcharges?

If the date of your wedding is a public holiday, check if your makeup artist charges an extra fee.

What Is The Makeup Artists Cancellation Policy?

If they are a top makeup artist, you will find their cancellation policy is 100% non-refundable booking while others enforce a 50% or less cancellation policy. It all depends on the makeup artist you choose.

Time For The Bridal Trial

The main reason you need to choose a makeup artist located near you is for one simple reason, the bridal makeup trial. Indeed, while some throw rehearsal dinners, imagine how important it can be to rehearse your hair and makeup look. The most probable thing is that your makeup artist proposes it in advance, especially if you appear to be somewhat doubtful about the final look. You may have to pay some extra bucks, but it will be worth every penny.

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Choose The Best Makeup Artist

On your wedding day, you want the best of the best. Finding makeup artists and hairstylists can be tricky. If you’re going to compare and book makeup artists you have to dig deep. Overall your best strategy is to browse Instagram and then visit online directories. Your main responsibility? Living happily ever after.

Melanie Francis, Makeup Artist Sydney, Founder of Find Book Beauty. Find Book Beauty is a powerful booking engine helping customers find the best makeup, hair & beauty therapists in a location of their choice. Customers can filter by prices, reviews and more! The beauty platform also helps beauty businesses and professionals to automate quoting, show live availability, enforce cancellation policies and generate leads 24/7 online.