Eclectic, rustic and completely individual! The overarching theme of Grant and Katie’s day at Tanglewood Estate was that of a true love story – a journey their way. With that in mind, Katie recalls selecting Grant’s attire for their special day, which just so happened to take place on their third  anniversary. 

Deciding what Grant should wear was a bit of a journey. We went to a friends wedding a little less than a year before ours and the groom wore all black and looked super sharp and Grant loved that. We also love Johnny Cash, so I think he thought it would be cool to be “The Man In Black” for a day. Then, a friend of his family offered to play bagpipes at the ceremony, in homage to Scotland, our last name.

So, Grant thought a kilt might be cool! But he changed his mind, thinking it might be a bit breezy for a cool September afternoon. We decided on chinos, which he has always felt comfortable in and a pale blue jacket. Finding the right colour blue was a tall order in the middle of winter! We just couldn’t find the right shade! Also, Grant is tall and broad and has been described as having a “rugby player” build, so finding the right fit was a challenge too!

The arms and shoulders would be snug and around the waist would be too big. But then, one day we went into Arthur Galan on Chapel Street. He and his wife, Mimi, were so accommodating! They had just the right shade of jacket and pants that looked great too! We brought the boys down and got them matching pants and shirts, which Arthur happily tailored to perfectly fit them. We then added dusty pink paisley bow ties for the groomsmen and a tie for Grant, finished off with brown leather and grey suspenders and brown boots. They looked very smart, but they were all comfortable as well.

What more could you ask for?