Nikita & Tim

Few places do Autumn as well in Australia as the little country town of Bright and for Nikita and Tim, it turns out, it was just the spot they wanted to commemorate their engagement. And they invited Black Avenue Productions to join them!  “Our lives are full of colours, and we want that to translate in the photos” shares bride to be Nikita.  “We specifically wanted autumn vibes, and Tim who is from Victoria recommended the place as it’s known for its autumn festival.” And these engagement photos? They celebrate not just Autumn, but the fun of Nikita and Tim and their life together.

It was while the pair were working in Singapore that they stumbled upon each other, Nikita telling the tale of how Tim first laid eyes on her. “I was manning a booth in this conference in Singapore, and Tim was a delegate. He came over during a break bringing his camera (he loves photography). We hit off immediately and talked about many things. Then we found out we both live in Queensland. What can I say, conferences are great for “networking”.

“We are a better version of ourselves when we’re together” tells Nikita on what the couple love about one another. “We have different personalities but somehow complement each other like a jigsaw puzzle. On any low points, work stress or anything else, we just can’t wait to get home to cuddle. Then all the bad things disappear.”