Maddy & Alex

Describing their wedding day as “a love party celebrating equality” today’s celebration is a beautiful one. Not only because it is a celebration of Maddy & Alex and all of their favourite people bearing witness to that, but because it is a celebration of the acceptance that they now feel together in not just their life, but the world.

We’re a more than a little thrilled, in that respect that they chose Natalie Davies Photography because we cannot wait to share every beautiful moment, at the modern warehouse venue of 40rd Event Warehouse with you.

These two hit it off from the moment they met! Sharing “We met online on a dating app, messaged for several weeks before we had the courage to first meet. Our first date went for six hours, going to different bars and restaurants around Melbourne city.”

Alex and Maddy got their hands dirty with wedding DIY, making their own wedding invitations and the signage for the occasion.

I know you’re dying to know about Maddy’s stunning navy and white wedding gown, Maddy explains how her gown came to be, telling  “I elected to design my own dress with the help of a close family friend who owns a fabric shop in Port Melbourne. I found a photo of a dress that I loved online and we used it to inspire my dress design using fabric from the dress my mother wore at her wedding.”

The brides opted out of having bridesmaids, remarking “While we could have chosen many special people to stand with us, for us the most important thing was that we stood there together.”

Alex found her gown at Designer Bridal House. “I had always envisioned wearing something lacy, flowing and with a boho vibe” she tells. “I too found a picture online that inspired my trips to several bridal shops around Melbourne before I found two dresses I loved at Designer Bridal House. The lovely ladies there agreed to combine the two dresses into my very own unique dress!”


Alex and Maddy chose the modern space of 40rd Event Warehouse for their wedding. “We knew we wanted a warehouse as our venue and initially looked for many weeks in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. But, given we live in the Southeast when we first looked at 40rd we were sold!”

The beautiful blooms on the day were styled by the couple’s friend Amelia Stephens, the brides sharing  “We were lucky that our friend Amelia Stephens and her Mum (Monica Stephens) agreed to help us with our flowers. The brief was – colourful and fun. We chose and bought all our flowers from the South Melbourne market. Amelia also made Alex’s beautiful hairpiece and the buttonholes and corsages for our parents.”

The brides chose to walk down the aisle at the same time, to “Bloom” by The Paper Kites. It remains one of their favourite memories “Hands down our favourite detail of the day was walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time. We chose to have two aisles (one each) and walked down with our parents. Neither of us knew what the other was wearing, so it was a pretty special moment when we saw each other where the two aisles met.”

Given the significance of being legally able to tie the knot, the ceremony was the most important part of the day for Alex and Maddy, and they gave it the attention it deserved, choosing Celebrant Kate to perform the official details. They tell  “Our day was about having a ‘love party’. Given it was the first year of marriage equality, we really wanted to emphasize this. We feel that our celebrant Kate Mac articulated this so well in our ceremony we have included it for you to read: ‘On our wedding day we wanted to share ‘the overwhelming immense feeling of acceptance, validation and recognition that our love and the life we have together is equal to and the same as anyone else’s love’.”

Alex and Maddy chose a photographer who Alex had known for years, the couple telling “Alex had known our photographer, Natalie Davies for a long time as she photographed both of Alex’ older sisters’ weddings. She was the obvious choice to capture our special day. She made us feel comfortable, was so professional and knew exactly what moments to capture.”

And then? It was time to celebrate! Guests and the newlyweds together for a cocktail celebration catered by Fourside Events Design & Catering.

And because we can’t just get enough of these two, we’re thrilled to share their wedding film captured by Salt and Pepper Weddings.

A big beautiful congratulations to you both Alex and Maddy! What a joy it is to share your beautiful wedding today. Thank you also to Natalie Davies Photography for sharing today’s beautiful images.