Bec & Nick

Autumnal weddings are always a favourite around these parts, give us a wedding where there are grey skies, brilliant colours and utter moodiness and we’re hooked.

It was that beautiful, rich moodiness that drew us to today’s wedding. A day so very full of culture for Bec and Nick, honouring their Greek Cypriot backgrounds, the pair wove tradition through every detail of their day, all while keeping it truly personal to their won loves and life together.

They invited Aleksandar Jason Weddings along for the ride, for a day that started with a classic church ceremony and ended with one heck of a party at warehouse venue Showtime Events Centre.

It seems the universe had plans in store for these two before they even realised it! Bec tells the story of how they came to meet. Or meet again as the case was. “We were set up by a very close friend. Turns out we were Facebook/MySpace pals since the beginning but never knew of each other! Nick showed up to a group coffee date, and the rest was history! The matchmaker friend was one of our bridesmaids on our wedding day!”

In keeping with the rich tones of the day, groom Nick chose a burgundy suit from Politix


Loving the bride’s ruffly gown? The bride worked with Elly Sofocli to create this amazing creation, sharing  “I’ve always admired Elly’s style and how every single dress was unique. She is a true artist.

The process was easy! I only went to one dress shop early on and realised that trying on different dresses would just be confusing and upsetting. So I went with the one designer I knew would make something unique just for me.”

Bec walked down the aisle on the arm of her father. “He was super nervous, but did an amazing job on the day!”

Bec and Nick honoured old traditions during their day, including, of course, their ceremony, held at the beautiful St John the Forerunner Carlton. Bec telling Nick’s parents are of Greek Cypriot background. The morning preparation at his house was full of sentimental and traditional moments. Nick and I both have a strong upbringing with our faith and were excited to be a part of the service we had seen so many times with our friends and family.
For example, they use a red sash around the groom crossed over the chest three times and then around the waist three times. Everything is done three times, as it is a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The colour red is also a symbol of fertility. Every family member participates to farewell him from the family home.”

“The highlight of the ceremony was when our maid of honour held the olive and pearl wreath Stefana (crowns) above our heads to unite us in marriage. This strengthened our bond also on a spiritual level.”

And where there are newlyweds, there is champagne! Bec remembering “Once we had taken family shots and it was only the bridal party at Fitzroy Gardens, our drivers brought over a bottle of champagne and glasses which was really fun! The champagne popped and we got some great shots!”

Stasia Fox styled the brilliant, autumnally rich-toned floral details of the day, Bec reminiscing “Florals have always been my thing, so my main request for Anastasia my florist, was that I did not want one single white flower.

I wanted vibrant and colourful florals with burgundies, reds and pinks. My florist was so accommodating during the whole process and made my dream come to life. The hanging floral piece was the focus of the venue. I wanted lighting incorporated into it, and how perfect it was! The orchids she used on the day were a highlight.”

Bec and Nick loved the work of their photographer Aleksander long before they booked him, and were pretty darn thrilled with the outcome of their own day with him. Bec telling “Aleks was such a pleasure to have around on our wedding day!

He was so entertaining and cheerful throughout the entire day. He knew Nick and I was a little awkward so he would joke around to make us laugh and feel comfortable while he snapped his shots.

We always loved his style of photography and how he captures such natural moments. He was the perfect photographer to have to shoot our autumn wedding.”

After dark, guests gathered for a sit-down reception at the industrial-style venue Showtime Events Centre  the bride remarked “The venue, Showtime Events Centre, was a quirky, moody, shed-like venue with a romantic ambience that gave us the perfect feel for our style of wedding. The stand out vendor was our wedding venue. Every guest we have seen since the wedding has commented on the service on the night of the wedding. The staff at Showtime were truly amazing and we have never experienced such a great group of people.”

The groom put his own touch on the decor. “Nick is a graphic designer by day” tells the bride. “So he created all of our stationery from table numbers to welcome sign. It was a great way of starting our own colour theme and style for the wedding because Nick had designed it himself.”

Bec has a lot of praise for how the event team helped the evening run wonderfully. “They went above and beyond for us, to the smallest details. I asked them to knot the napkins, which is not something they normally do and they had no problem at all!

Our wedding coordinator Gavin was a pleasure to deal with from go. He was so organised and on top of everything! I did not have to organise pick up, drop off or set up for any of the vendors within the lead up to the wedding which took off a lot of the stress.

On the night, we even had our very own bridal table waitress who would keep on giving us these sweet pineapple shots all night! A memory we will never forget”

Entering the reception remains one of Bec’s favourite memories of the day. “When we walked into the venue, I was totally shocked! I couldn’t believe the flowers and lighting and how it had exceeded my expectations beyond my imagination. It worked so well together and Showtime perfected every little detail!”

A traditional “money dance” was another special tradition Bec and Nick included. “At the reception, we have a traditional dance for ‘Money Pinning’. This is where all immediate family and close family/friends pinned money on us as a gift to help us financially start our lives together. We were truly overwhelmed with how many of our loved ones participated in this tradition.”

The first dance, was to Lady Gaga’s “Is That Alright?”  an “absolute favourite” song of the newlyweds. Bec shares “This song is from A Star is Born the movie. She is my favourite artist of all time! I have always been a fan of hers because she is different and has such a strong voice that only GaGa fans would know. It was the perfect opportunity to have her song as our first dance!

Our first dance was like any other. Nick and I can be a little awkward and don’t love being the centre of attention, so we were mostly enjoying the song and the dry ice and confetti.”

A big congratulations to you both Bec and Nick! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. Thank you also to Aleksandar Jason Weddings for sharing such a stunning wedding!