She is beauty, she is grace… As Emily walks down the steps of Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre it’s as if time comes to a hold. Captivated by her effortless elegance, friends and family cheered as the pair made their love official in a breezy seaside ceremony in front of Sydney’s stunning skyline.

Promising each other eternal laughs and playful kisses, before dancing the night away with their loved ones at the barn-style Athol Hall in Mosman. A day to remember, a celebration that never ends.

Lovereel’s videography team was there to capture the sunny smiles, the secret whispers, and all the signature dance floor moves. A memory captured on film, to get lost in time and time again.

Ms Tweed Loves: The soft one-sleeve detail of Emily’s simple but oh so classically beautiful dress. 
I also love the gorgeous native flowers used in the bouquets and to decorate the cake. And, oh those flirty light festoons in Athol Hall! Gorgeous. 

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