Image by Silk Truffle Photography via Moody Seaside Wedding Inspiration

Everyone knows that a good combination is always best: chocolate and peanut butter, spaghetti and meatballs, bacon and eggs. They are smart too – like doing exercises at the gym that work two parts of the body or doing the ironing while you catch up on the latest binge fest on Netflix.
It only makes sense that when it comes to planning your wedding favours, a good matching saves time, money and is one less decision you have to make. Getting creative with your wedding favours is a lot of fun. It’s the part of the wedding your guests get to take home to keep the wedding magic going – even if it’s just for a little while longer.

At the moment, we’re in awe of couples who do these two things:

  1. Dream up a wedding favour that represents them or the theme of their wedding – they aren’t just giving their guests anything that has the name ‘bonbonniere’ on Etsy.
  2. Having gifts that are kind to our earth and the surrounding environment – not just something that guests will go “awww” and then throw into the third drawer in the kitchen. You know the one *wink*!

So, how do you dream up the perfect favour? Glad you asked. Let’s go back to our original statement: “everyone loves a good combination”. Here are some epic combinations we have came up with and can’t wait to see our DIY couples trying these soon:

1. Take Away Decor

Image by Charlotte Exton via Khat & Simon’s Bright & Bold Garden Wedding

Image by Woodvine + Co via Louise & Michael’s Rustic Swan Valley Wedding

Hate the thought of your florals and styling just going in the bin at the end of your wedding day? Us too! Speak with your florist about creating smaller arrangements or styling so just little pops of florals can be taken at the end of the night by your guests.

Weave in some gorgeous signage on seeded paper that encourages guests to take their florals home. You could even work with a florist who’ll use succulents or cuttings that can be replanted so your decor is the gift that just keeps on giving.
2. Combining your menu and your favours

Image by Ephemeral Creative via Meg & Ben’s Gorgeous Spring Wedding In The Huon Valley

Did you eat Italian food on your first date? Are you both big fans of eating chocolate in bed? Food favours are the bomb and guests love them. Ask your caterer to pack some homemade pasta to soak up the booze with a napolitana sauca when they get home, or some frozen spiced chocolate truffles in little home packs. Whack a gorgeous little customised sticker on the front of the packets and voilà – a favour both delicious and fun.

3. Digital Packs
Did you have a wedding website for your guests? These are on the rise and rightly so – they save printing and paper plus you can continually update them and easily notify guests if plans change. What’s better, after your wedding, you can send out digital thank you cards, plus create a special little digi-pack for your guests with photos of them, links to the playlist played during your reception and links to all your suppliers with whom you’ve prearranged a little “wedding referral” discount. Technology really does have a place in everything now, hey?

DIY Weddings, and couples who plan them, obviously have their reasons for doing so. Whether it’s to save on money, to ensure your wedding truly reflects them or because this is a journey they want to take together. Combo-ing your favours into another already important part of your wedding day can really encompass a large amount of time, effort and conscious thought that has gone into your big day. Your guests will love the thought behind the small piece they get to take home and you have peace of mind knowing that a part of your wedding is going home with the ones you couldn’t imagine sharing your day without.

Image by Madeleine Chiller via Brittany & Peter’s Gorgeous Glasshaus Wedding

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