Micaela and Lach

The mighty Murray is one of those quintessential parts of Australia, and so very apt as we celebrate all things Australia Issue. For Micaela and Lach, bare feet, a bottle of beer and the setting sun made it just about perfection as they captured their engagement story with Pure Mac Photography. “We got there early so we could have a beer together” remembers Micaela. “Then when Mickala arrived we were finishing off our beers and she asked us to go for a walk together so she could get a few test shots. Turns out the ‘test shots’ are our favourite! It sums us up as a couple perfectly.”

Micaela and Lach have known each other for a very long time – they met during primary school! Micaela shares the story. “Lachie and I went to primary school together, different high schools (in the same area) and reunited later in high school due to mutual friends. We started seeing each other at local parties in year 10 and 11. We were both at the same New Year’s Eve party (2009 going into 2010), I was on the dancefloor with the girls and Lachie was with the boys. I went up to him to say hello as he was really quiet (until he has a few drinks in him), we hit it off straight away. The party was next to a park so we went for a walk, sat on the park bench and chatted until the midnight count down. It was our first kiss together and we’ve been together ever since.”

The Murray River is not just beautiful, it’s also special for these two. “In Echuca, down at the river. Lach and I take our dogs to the river most afternoons so when Mickala suggested we have our photos there we couldn’t have been happier.”

“We are very different in many ways, but we complement each other really well” tells the bride to be on what these two love about one another. “We want the same things in life and pick up each other’s downfalls. I’m very honest, a little too honest at times. And Lachie is a deep thinker and takes it all in.”

“I love that my family love Lach. From day one they took him in as their own. And Lach loves them just as much. We are closest/best friends with my brother and sister so there was no question as to who would be standing by our side at our wedding.”

It was on an epic European holiday that Lach popped the question, tells Micaela. “We got engaged on a holiday to England, Scotland, Ireland and the Greek Islands with my sister last year. Lach had the ring in his pocket every day until he found the perfect place to propose.
We were at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. I was in the worst mood! My phone wasn’t working so I couldn’t take any photos. Trying to cheer me up, Lach suggested we get a photo (with his phone) on the cliff together. After we got the photo, I turned around to keep walking, Lach took my hand, and as I turned around he was bent down on one knee and proposed! I didn’t say anything and stood there crying for a few minutes and eventually I gave him a nod and a smile. We had been together for 9 years so I was a little shocked after waiting for so many years!
Lachie and I were very close to his great grandparents, Harold and Gwen who passed away about 5 years ago. They left their rings to Lach. So I wear grandma’s ring and Lach wears Pa’s ring, who is from Ireland. So proposing in Ireland with Grandma and Pa’s rings was very special.”