Megan & Miles

For Megan & Miles, there really was no better way to tie the knot than an intimate dinner reception at the iconic Lake House Daylesford, one of their very favourite weekend spots. The pair narrowed their guest list to ensure they had plenty of time with each guest, filling their day with stunning florals and twinkling lights for an extra magical touch. And we know these two are in for good luck – after all, they chose the wedding day, April 19th, that the bride’s parents and grandparents chose for their own wedding days!

And then there was the photography, the ever-talented Adrian Tuazon joining the guests and making sure every moment was documented in all of its autumnal beauty.

The pair first laid eyes on anyone another in 2008 at work, and we’re handing over to the newlyweds to share their tale. “We first met back in 2008 while we were both working at Harvey Norman. Miles was working in sales and Megan was a part-time cashier. It was a fun team at the store and they had a good time.

Megan says Miles was this tall friendly guy who had a long ponytail and was always smiling. He was in the computer department and was a little bit shy, a little bit awkward and maybe a little bit geeky. Miles says he was blown away by Megan: she was stunningly pretty, super sweet and also kind of shy. He was almost too scared to talk to her. So he created an excellent alibi to get around this- he began buying her cups of tea.

After a little while of tea buying and innocent chat, Miles asked Megan to see Avatar at the movies with him. And got completely shut down. She had already seen it – 3 times! A series of friendly ‘dates’ followed over time and our relationship slowly blossomed over time.”

The bride found her gorgeous sequinned gown at Karen Willis Holmes, telling “My dress was from Karen Willis Holmes. I really loved the classic silhouette of the gown and the intricate beading made it feel glamorous with an old Hollywood feel. For the ceremony, I paired the dress with a detachable tulle train also from Karen Willis Holmes, which gave the dress a softer more romantic feel. The dress and the train made for some spectacular photos and I had the versatility of two different looks for the day.”

The beautiful Lake House Daylesford set the scene for the ceremony and reception, tell the couple “We chose the Lake House, in Daylesford, for both the ceremony and reception. It seemed ideal to host both and helped the logistical side of things. We have always loved Daylesford, it’s our favourite getaway spot for a romantic weekend away there and naturally thought it would be the perfect place for us to get married.”

Megan walked down the aisle with her father to “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles performed live by Benny Martin Wedding & Event Pianist.

“Our Celebrant Nat Sproal created a really fun and personal ceremony that was perfectly ‘us’,” tell Megan and Miles of their decision to book Nat Sproal for their day. “It was the perfect combination of funny/sincere/entertaining, and most of all, heartfelt. It was perfect! The most perfect thing she recommended and we included, was the vow to our ten-year-old son. It hadn’t occurred to us to do this, but it was an awesome and extremely memorable moment. It ‘made’ the ceremony and brought more than a few tears to us and our guests.”

Miles wanted to pop the question in Daylesford, but Megan just wasn’t in the mood, the couple shares how he did manage to pop the question. “Miles was laying plans for his proposal and suggested a trip away to Daylesford for the weekend. Megan however, wasn’t keen. First time EVER. So, after awkwardly asking Megan’s parents for their permission he activated a backup plan for a romantic home-cooked dinner.

Megan returned from work to find the good table that they never ate at set with candles and flowers and a potato and cauliflower bake in the oven. Miles isn’t a cook so she knew something was up. Miles got on one knee and uttered those four little words. Of course, the answer was yes.”

Megan and Miles chose the bride’s friend and groom’s brother respectively to act as maid of honour and a best man also including Miles’ ten-year-old son as the “second” best man and his own niece Elise as the flower girl.


The couple were thrilled with the work of their photographer Adrian, sharing “Wow! They’re amazing! The photos really show Adrian’s great eye for detail, creativity and professional skill. They awesomely cover all aspects of the event and had so many great surprises in them. They’ll definitely be treasured. The other awesome thing about Adrian was that he was prepared, caring, patient and even very generous with his time during the event. Adrian just did an awesome job.”


Inside the reception, the Lake House Daylesford created one long table for guests to dine at, surrounded with blooms, tell the newlyweds  “The colour palette we chose consisted of deep burgundy/claret tones/mid pinks and generous whites. It blended perfectly with the natural scenery in and around the lake. We were especially proud of the long table setting that Denise from the Lake House was able to create for us. It looked amazing.”

Each guest was welcomed to the reception with a boxed macaron from La Belle Miette.

What could be more romantic than a first dance by the lake under a curtain of twinkling lights? Not much! “We chose ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran, again performed by our amazing pianist, Bennie Martin. ” remembers Megan. “Our dance was prepared with the help of the ‘Next Step Co.’, specifically Natalie. She helped us put together some simple moves we were able to handle and made for some great photos and video”

Tell Megan and Miles “We made sure we included Braeden, by asking him to do a speech (which was spectacular!) and making a heartfelt vow to him during the ceremony. We also made sure it was acknowledged that Megan’s parents and Grandparents were married on the same date (19/4). Other than that, we knew the people and venue would do the rest.”

Keeping the guest list small meant the newlyweds got to spend plenty of time with each guest, Megan remarking “it was great talking to family and friends that we might not have seen in years. Catching up in such an intimate and special setting was just perfect.”

The Wedding Fair team were also there on the big day to capture this gorgeous wedding on film.

A big congratulations Megan and Miles! What an honour it is to have shared your beautiful wedding day. Thanks to photographer Adrian Tuazon for today’s stunning images, and to The Wedding Fair for the incredible film.