What can we say? Wedding pets are honestly our favourite! We particularly love how incorporating your furry friend into your big day can allow arguably one of the most important members of your family to create the most special of memories with you. Not only that, but they’re also sure to look super cute in all of your wedding photos! Please see below for evidence.

There are many factors to consider ahead of time in this department if you’d like to involve your dog (or other pet!) in your wedding. We’ve broken it down into a few key areas to help you figure out if it’s doable for you!

Check with the venue

Your first priority is to check in with the venue. Do they normally allow pets? Is this something you can request especially? Touch base with them and ask the questions before going any further. If they are a hard and fast ‘no,’ why not look at hosting an outdoor ceremony? This minimises any risk of potential damage and your doggo friend will definitely feel at home!

Decide on their role

How involved would you like your pet to be in the ceremony? This could be anything from ring bearer (if very well-trained), flower dog, Dog of Honour, or even just your VIP front-row guest. Consider their personality and obedience level when making this decision, as the latter might be better suited if your furry friend is super excitable and independent.

Select their wedding attire

Now to the important bits! What will they wear?! We just love an adorable floral collar or even a cute little nod to a suit. Feel free to go crazy, but make sure they’re willing to keep it on! We highly recommend trialling the outfit beforehand to ensure they are comfortable wearing it on the day.

Schedule a visit

If possible, try to arrange a venue visit with your dog. This means they can get all the sniffing, acquainting and exploring out of the way. This will enable them to feel comfortable and at home on your big day!

Assign your furry friend a buddy

You will have a lot on your mind on your big day, so make sure you ask a friend or family member to be in charge of minding your dog. This may also need to be someone who is available to take them home after the ceremony if they are unable to attend the reception. Opt for someone your fur child knows and loves and it will make the day a breeze!

Practice makes perfect!

In the months leading up to your wedding, work on commands such as sit and stay with your pet as often as you can. Try to also practise with whoever will be watching your best bud while you’re standing at the end of the aisle, too!
We wish we could take our fur children everywhere we went, so hopefully this handy guide can help you to include them in one of your most special days!

Ms Zebra Says: Ohh how could you deny your furry friend an invite to the biggest day of your lives?! Love these tips to make sure your best friend can celebrate with you!!

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