Sarah & Traecy

We couldn’t think of a better engagement shoot that is so quintessential “Australia” for The Australia Issue than today’s story of Sarah and Traecy and their Australian farm engagement. The golden rolling plains, the treescapes and hills, the landscape dotted with sunburnt grass, this is the Australia that speaks so much of Australian farms, the battles, the wars they face, and win.

With Renee of RNC Photography behind the camera, the three making the most of the rural setting of Goomburra, and a few four-legged friends to make engagement photographs that are a stunning showcase of the Australian countryside. “We are both country people and my horses have been a part of my whole life so was only fitting they were included somehow” explains bride to be Sarah. ” Traecy grew up with horses and rodeo bulls so he was all for including the horses. We would have had our dogs too if we had more hands to handle them all! Haha!”

It was during university that these two met, Traecy moving in with her and her friend at a share house. “When we first got together and I was telling everyone about my new partner Traecy, they weren’t quite sure if they were male or female,” remembers Sarah. “It kept everyone intrigued! Before we were officially together a few of us stayed at my parent’s place for a 21st and Mum says to me ‘I thought you said Traecy was a girl’. We laugh about it still now but he’s never forgotten it. That is pretty much Traecy’s story of his life if he is a girl or boy!”

The groom’s initial surprise proposal didn’t quite go to plan, explains Sarah. “Traecy had been away and was planning to come home before I finished work but I messaged him that morning saying I was sick so didn’t go to work. That wrecked his first plan so had to go to plan B, he made my favourite dinner, chicken parmi, and we sat around the campfire at our house. I wasn’t expecting it.”