Our gorgeous couple Stefan and Whitney who recently shared their Melbourne wedding with us, have now given us the inside scoop on their honeymoon too! Follow their journey through the beauty filled lands of Sri Lanka!

We went to Sri Lanka for our honeymoon for 2 and a half weeks. We left 2 days after our wedding on the 1st of April. While we were there we visited Colombo, Galle, Ella, Kandy, Adam’s Peak, Sigiriya and Negombo.

We have travelled to a lot of the same places (not together) and were trying to decide on a place we both had never been. Whitney being half Sri Lankan, was definitely one of the reasons we chose Sri Lanka, as we both had it on our bucket lists.

Sri Lanka is a country that has some of the best beaches in the world, as well as the best physical activities that we were both drawn to. We wanted a honeymoon that offered some of the most scenic places / views, as well as some beautiful hikes and physical activities to choose from.

We began our trip in Colombo. We stayed in the capital city for 2 days – it was important to Whitney as her father was born and grew up not far from there. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel and enjoyed our first two days of unwinding by the pool and the beautiful amenities that the Hilton had to offer.

For this trip, we decided to hire a guide with a private car to transport us from each destination to another. We were advised it is a great way to see, as well as learn, about each place we were visiting from a local. After Colombo our guide took us down south to Galle, which is at the very bottom of the country. This is where we found, beautiful fresh produce, amazing beaches and lovely local businesses. We stayed here for a couple of days to enjoy the serenity.

After Galle, we headed up to Ella. Ella is a town up in the rain forest / mountains of Sri Lanka which was definitely one of the highlights of our honeymoon. There is a great strip of bars, restaurants and shops that came alive every night! Not to mention the views. Our gorgeous hotel had only 8 suites and the infinity pool looked onto rolling mountains and greenery, which amazed us every time we saw it.

In Ella, we went for long hikes and walks, which lead us to the famous 9 arch bridge. An amazing architectural beauty which makes for some beautiful photo’s as you will see. From Ella we got the famous train ride through the hills of Sri Lanka to Nanu Oya, where we drove to Adam’s Peak. Adam’s peak was a 7.5km hike up a mountain, which is the highest peak known to Sri Lanka. This hike began at 2.30AM and we reached the peak at 5.30AM to view the magnificent sunrise! We felt like we were among the clouds. Definitely a highlight of our trip that we will never forget.
After the hike, we opted to go to Kandy for some R&R to rest our bodies and enjoy some pool time. Stefan spoiled Whitney with a pair of 1 carat white sapphire earrings, which Kandy is known for as the gemstone capital. Whitney would say that this was one of her highlights!
After some much needed relax time, we headed to Sigiriya where we enjoyed some beautiful pool side days and safari tours, where we witnessed the amazing animals that call Sri Lanka home. Of course, we added in another hike to the top of Sigiriya mountain. This was not as intense as Adam’s Peak, but again made for breath taking views. After Sigiriya we headed to our last stop in Negombo.

Negombo was an amazing, culturally diverse beachside location, where the people were so lovely and the choice of food was incredible. We spent the last 3 days pool / beach side relaxing and enjoying our time as newlyweds – eating yummy food before coming home to our busy lives!

The entire honeymoon was amazing and there were many highlights. Although, Ella and the climb to Adam’s Peak were definitely the main highlights of our holiday. The locations and experiences in those places are unforgettable and come highly recommended!
Having now travelled to multiple parts of Sri Lanka, we would definitely recommend spending less times in the main / busier cities and spending more time in the more remote locations such as Ella, Galle and Negombo. However, no regrets!

We highly recommend Sri Lanka to anyone who is interested! Ella, Adam’s Peak and Galle are definitely a MUST DO!

There were many favourite parts to choose from, but the main two would be sitting with your new partner at the top of Adam’s peak and taking in the most amazing views and experience of the sunrise after such a long hike. The romantic vibe of Ella with those AMAZING views was also a top memory!