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Larissa Landinez creates contemporary jewellery inspired by geometry and nature. Hailing from the city of Florence, Italy where she was formed as a goldsmith, Larissa is now based in Sydney and works with couples to create special pieces for engagements and weddings. Known for her signature Firenze Square Ring, her clients come to her to customise this design to reflect their own personal style. Today we chat to Larissa about her online store, what she loves about making wedding jewellery, and how her stunning rings are created.

Where are you based?
I’m based in Sydney.

Tell us about your online store…
Ever since I arrived to Australia I have always had an online store. It is something that I have focus on, especially having a master in Multimedia Internet Engineering. I think the online experience is very interesting and you can give a unique service through it.

How long have you been a jeweller?
I started my jeweller/goldsmith career in 2002 in Florence. That makes it almost 17 years!

What do you love about making wedding jewellery in particular?
I’m honoured to create a piece that represents commitment and love forever, and the trust from the couple is priceless.

What does a typical work day look like for you?
Starts with answering emails to clients. Outsourcing gold, gems/diamonds, working at the bench preparing pieces, and visiting my stone setter.

What are your favourite materials to work with?
18K gold! I feel this special connection with gold. 18K gold is noble and harmonious. After gold I would say silver and platinum 950. Platinum is very hard to work with but at the same time it has amazing characteristics.

What should bridal couples bring along when designing a ring with you?
If they have any ideas of what they want then definitely bring them down so I can guide them through the design process. If they have a diamond/gem that they want to incorporate then that’s also required. Budget is also very important because it will allow me to adjust the design accordingly – i.e. what kind of metal, how wide or thick the bands can be.

What’s the design process like?
First comes the ideas of what the couple wants. If they already have the design or have a design in mind, I prepare rough sketches with the important aspects of the design (such as thickness, width of rings and so on). When the final sketch is decided I make a CAD design with a render so they can have a final idea of the piece and possible adjustments. Many times a sterling model is cast so the couple can test it out and let me know if they are happy to proceed.

How long does it usually take to create a ring?
This depends on the model, but usually if it’s chosen from the available collection approximately two weeks. It is always recommended not to rush rings because they are important pieces!

What have been some of your favourite designs over the past year?
I love texturised ring especially when they are sea inspired.

Are there any particular styles your clients gravitate towards?

My style is very defined with the Firenze Square Ring and the majority of my clients come to me to customise it.

What styles and trends are you noticing in men’s wedding bands right now?
I notice that men are wearing diamond pave rings and also wider and thicker bands.

Best testimonial you’ve ever received?
My clients are all very, but I think this testimonial describes the way I work with couples: “My husband and I have known Larissa for years and fell in love with her Jewellery Pieces ever since meeting her. My husband decided to work with Larissa before proposing to me and worked closely together to create a one of a kind engagement ring based around Larissa’s infamous ‘Firenze’ square style. She also helped him around choosing the right diamond based on our budget and was helpful from start to finish with updates along the day. The engagement ring was such a surprise and a perfect fit and was instantly in love with my very own custom ring. Naturally we had Larissa create our wedding rings and again had her expertise in creating a matching set to work with my engagement ring. She created a tricolour ‘Firenze’ wedding ring for my husband which is absolutely stunning and was able to create an interlocking wedding band for me to unify with my engagement ring. We are absolutely stoked with her craftsmanship and cannot speak any more highly of the work she does!”

Three things you love about your job?
I love being able to combine different skills with my creativity.
I love designing and handcrafting a piece that represents LOVE.
I love being able to help people even from remote distance when selling online.

What jewellery pieces do you typically wear?
My engagement and wedding ring, I have a necklace with two medals, one is the ‘m​iraculous medal’​ and the other medal is from a saint called Padre Pio​. These are my main daily pieces. For earrings I love pearl studs or my clip earrings.

When you’re not making jewellery, we’d find you…
I love cooking and I enjoy a lot making handmade pasta, marmalades, gnocchi, and any kind of cake to spoil my husband.

I am also very active collaborating and organising fundraisers to help the Venezuelan refugees or others in need through the Catholic Church. My last fundraising was Cookies Without Frontiers, selling homemade biscuits from different parts of the world. We are all neighbours in this world and no matter where you come from, we can help each other.

Thank you Larissa for sharing your work with us today! Your rings are spectacular and it’s obvious that you pour a lot of love, passion and craftsmanship into every piece you create. To find out more about Larissa and her incredible engagement rings, wedding bands and other jewellery, head on over to the Larissa Landinez Contemporary Jewellery website, or check out her Polka Dot Directory listing.

Images and headshot courtesy of Larissa Landinez Contemporary Jewellery




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