If you’re looking for a modern, chic wedding gown for your walk down the aisle, then pull up a chair, because we could not be more thrilled to introduce you to the brand new “Lovers” collection by Australian designers Love You More Bridal.

The collection of nine gowns, ranging in classic bridal white to dramatic black stay true to the brand’s vision of creating sophisticated, timeless gowns that are so completely on-trend. The silhouettes are classics, they’re fitted to the body, with halters, v necks and scooper backs. They have sleeves, armbands, plenty of sparkle or none at all.  One of my favourites “Classic beauty” is unadorned, but oh so elegant with her low statement back, long sleeves and knitted fabric that drapes over its wearer. While the more detailed “Pretty In Love” features a classic neck silhouette adorned in 3D flowers.

“The inspiration for this collection and the name centres around the emotions and actions evoked by passion and spontaneity,” tells  designer Kim of Love You More, of the collection, designed and made in Melbourne. “Following your heart, your instincts and going with the now” she adds.

And the campaign embodies every bit of passion and spontaneity that inspired the collection. The team of photographer Lauren Schulz working with model Nikki Hillier, hair and makeup artist Carla Dyson. The shoot unintentionally being well, spontaneous and full of passion! Kim explaining “the most amazing part is that we unintentionally carried out the shoot in pretty much the same way. I spent weeks before the shoot putting together a plan which we threw out the window as soon as I met Lauren (photographer). She walked through the door with all these ideas which I couldn’t say no to. I’m in love with the results and I’m so proud to share it with everyone.”
The gowns? Find them now at the Love You More Melbourne boutique or shop online here.