Image: Kakadu from the air, Tourism NT/Salty Wings

Natures best comes out in Spring, where we are greeted with warmer temperatures, colourful blooms and the promise of an upcoming summer sun. For your Spring honeymoon, why not take advantage of the season and bask in some of our most beautiful destinations to witness the true grandeur of Spring.

Pack your camera and maybe some hiking boots, and let’s go see some of these natural beauties! 

Image: Kakadu from the air, Tourism NT/Salty Wings


Before the Summer heat settles in, Spring is the perfect time to visit the top end. To avoid the wet season and humidity, the best time to go is early Spring when temperatures average between 21 and 31 degrees. 

This region is incredible and there’s a lot on offer, so we recommend making a list of your must see and do items so that you don’t miss out. Some of our top picks of experiences that best capture this vast and rugged region of the country include: 

Take a dip at Gunlom Falls, natures version of an infinity pool

Image: Nature’s infinity pool at Gunlom, Tourism NT/Jewels Lynch

Wander the Indigenous rock art site of Ubirr

Image: Sunset at Ubirr, Tourism NT/Jonathon Clayton

Cruise Yellow Water

Image: Cruise on the Yellow Water, Tourism NT/Bronte Stephens

Rainbow Valley 

Another natural gem to add to your list whilst exploring the northern regions of our country is Rainbow Valley. Best viewed in the early morning or late afternoon light, Rainbow Valley is famous for its colour-changing rock. Hire a four-wheel drive and make a day trip of visiting the Rainbow Valley Conservation Reserve which is an easy 2 hour drive from Alice Springs.

Image: Starry Red Centre desert nights, Tourism NT/Carmen Huter

Things to consider…

Remember whilst you’re travelling, that these natural sites are precious and in order to remain as they are, we need to ensure we take the utmost care in protecting them. To limit your footprint when visiting these sites or any others for that matter, there are a few things you can do:

  • Bring along an ‘adventure bag.’ The adventure bag movement is all over social media and it’s something you should be a part of too. For every adventure, aim to collect a bag of litter and dispose of it appropriately. This keeps our natural sites clean and ensures our wildlife are not affected by careless mistakes. If you think a whole bag of rubbish is too hefty for you, perhaps just pick up litter when you see it. Every bit counts!
  • Support local businesses. The culture and heritage in these areas is rich! Where you can, eat local foods and support the hardworking people of this region. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences and learn more about the indigenous people and caring for our land.
  •  Skip flying and opt for a road trip. Flying produces incredible amounts of carbon emissions, plus you’re missing some incredible sights and charming small towns that you could explore from down below. Opt for a road trip honeymoon and spend quality time with one another exploring something new around every corner.

Ms Zebra Says: We are so rich in everything we have in our backyard. These are some great tips to enjoy the sights of the Top End whilst also taking care of this incredible environment.

About Bec Lawrence: I’m an animal lover, sustainability advocate and natural landscape enthusiast. On a good weekend, you’ll find me hiking with my two adorable beagles and my equally adorable husband.