The More The Merrier – Involving Your Guests In Your Musical Entertainment.

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Couples often feel a little apologetic when friends or family members ask if they can sing with the wedding band on stage. However, in our humble opinion, the musical participation of loved ones and guests actually adds to the honesty and meaningfulness of your wedding. Why not celebrate the blessing that is the people you love while they celebrate yours. We are sure most wedding bands would agree!

So, how can your loved ones be a musical part of your wedding? Here are some memorable recent examples.

1. Planned Guest Performances

Do you have a niece or nephew who would jump on any opportunity to croon? Whether it is accompanied by your wedding band or sung to a backing track, the gift of music sung from the heart of your loved ones is invaluable.
Most wedding bands would be happy to accompany a guest singer given ample notice, to give them enough time to coordinate, exchange charts, or rehearse.

9-year old Anneke singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ at Barrie and Matthew’s wedding, Photography by Sally Uphill

Barrie mentioned to us a month before the day that his 9 year old niece, Anneke would be singing a song for them. On the day, we helped her set up her backing track, microphone and microphone stand. She sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ beautifully. It remains to us, one of the most precious, unforgettable moments of Barrie and Matthew’s wedding.

Barrie and Matthew’s wedding ceremony at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Photography by Sally Uphill

2. Impromptu Guest Performances

No, we don’t always know when the request to perform will come. And neither will you! If anything, they make true heartfelt entertainment. On many occasions, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room after the performance!

Accompanying the groom’s father at Linton and Kay Gallery – Ben and Kim’s Wedding, Photography by Christine Lim

Ron, the groom Ben’s father came up and asked us to accompany him singing several 60’s classics to entertain the couple’s guests. We loved accompanying him as he crooned those big show-stopping numbers!

Accompanying for and sharing a duet with Diane, a family friend – Ben and Kim’s Wedding, Photography by Christine Lim

Then, the groom’s family friend and neighbour Diane, who had watched him grow up over the years also shared her love for the couple in song. In a conversation with her during our break, she shyly requested to join us on ‘The Glory of Love’ as a duet. It was truly glorious.

Of course, there is no way to prepare for impromptu requests (it wouldn’t be impromptu otherwise!). However, here are some basic housekeeping tips to ensure things go smoothly should you decide beforehand to include guests’ participation with your live band:

  1. Connect your crooning guest to the band so they can make direct arrangements where necessary.
  2. If you need a backing track to be played from the band’s sound system, inform the band what type of device you will be playing from, so they can be sure to have the right cables to connect your device to their sound system.
  3. Before the guests arrive, do a sound check with the sound system so that when it comes to the performance, the track is not too soft or too loud.
  4. Just before the performance, make sure the track is correctly cued up.

3. Choreograph a dance to perform with your closest loved ones.

This will dazzle your guests and is a wonderful way to make your entertainment inclusive and really get the dance floor started.

4. Take the time to carefully choose a “crowd pleasing” playlist with your band.

Communicate with your wedding band or DJ about compiling a playlist that will get the older guests on the dance floor. They love retro themed music that is upbeat and nostalgic. And don’t forget the current hits for the younger guests.

We hope this helped you consider the wonderful possibilities of inviting your loved ones to be a part of the entertainment on your wedding day! Or, relaxed you into expecting a surprise song or dance item!

Ms Zebra Says: Such a wonderful idea to get your guests involved! So many people react to music and it’s such a gift to be able to embrace talent and share a special memory together!

Polkadot + Moonbeam was formed in 2010 in Sydney, when Singaporean singer-songwriter Juliet Pang met Sydney-based wandering musician Didi Mudigdo. At the time, Juliet had been a successful recording artist for over ten years, while Didi had just returned from a four-year adventure of performing in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Discovering their unique musical synergy when they first met in Sydney, they formed Polkadot + Moonbeam, and went on to perform acclaimed shows at jazz venues and festivals in Australia, Japan, China, Singapore and Malaysia.


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